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Cailleach Calling - Launch New Track

Heralding the coming of Dreams Of Fragmentation album on March 11th, a second track from Cailleach Calling's debut, "Mercurial Inversion", has been unleashed. It's available for listening via Bandcamp widget down under.

Composer Tony Thomas narrates about the genesis of the song: "Mercurial Inversion" was the last track I wrote for this album. While all the songs have a sinister atmosphere, I wanted this song to have a more traditional Black Metal minor key feeling in how it invoked darkness. Of course, there is still the theme of dreaminess present which can also be found in the other songs through the usage of layered synths and guitars. I had the initial drum arrangements written before meeting our drummer Yurii. However, having everyone involved adding their personal touch to the music is important to me. So, concerning this track I asked if he could keep the general vibe of my arrangements, but play his own interpretation of it. I think this worked out wonderfully. For future albums we plan to be more collaborative from the beginning when it comes to the drum arrangements."

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Posted: 11.02.2022 by Abattoir

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