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Dødheimsgard - Reveal 'Abyss Perihelion Transit' Single

"Abyss Perihelion Transit", the newly released advance single from Dødheimsgard's oncoming studio album Black Medium Current (out on April 14, 2023 via Peaceville Records), has premiered online in the form of an animated video clip.

Frontman Vicotnik had the following to say: "The whole album revolves subjectively around perception, experience, psychology, objective/subjective reality vs external pressure, tropes, taboos, the laws of motion/causality which influences one’s life. The subjective perception of reality vs the objective causal effects of reality and how they are bound interact. Epistemological dualism. I guess mental health, or rather instead of health, let’s call it mental condition is a big topic on this record. Not as in a complaining way, or as a good or bad notion, but rather a subject’s study of his own psychology (en)during everything.

"Like the ambiguity of Being. What is Being? Is it a meta-physical stratum of subjective emotionally fuelled notions or is Being just explaining a physical object that is, therefore being. Epistemologically I guess these lyrics dwell a lot on naïve realism vs representational realism. Cognitivism vs behaviourism, and then bringing it all to an artist context obviously. So, it is experiential renditioning, not solution driven."

Band profile: Dødheimsgard
Posted: 17.03.2023 by Bad English

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