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Polls in articles 6
New profile feature: Links/Networks/Communication 5
New permissions system for band edits 91
New feature: Top lists 49
New notifications: Friends' birthdays and publications 8
Staff picks 9
Share this page 10
New permissions for Band-related edits 73
Staff Page 19
Pending edits 18
New feature: Suggest bands to add 104
Uploaded images are now resized automatically 51
Metal locations 69
New Settings 22
Additional stats in Collections 31
Is the site faster for you now? 87
Metal Storm MP3 sampler 96
New feature: Album collection and Wishlist 171
Changes in avatars and signatures 41
More non-Latin characters supported 29
New Rating System For Reviews 13
Adding Sources With Edits 11
Obscene Contest Winners! 13
RSS feeds 14
Member photo index 29
User profile update 23
Band logos 29
Shortcuts 16
We need your help to rebuild all the band pages 154
MSv3 has arrived 87