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Dragonforce, Alestorm - Nottingham, England, 3rd October 2012

Event: DragonForce: The Power Within UK & Ireland
Written by: Baz Anderson
Published: 07.10.2012


Dragonforce, Alestorm - Nottingham, England, 3rd October 2012 by Baz Anderson (47)

An early October evening in Nottingham and the main room of Rock City slowly began to fill. Barnsley heavy rockers Covrots opened the evening to the still-growing audience, but a modest crowd had gathered by the time London band The Defiled were up. These guys played an industrial-influenced alternative metal set to the appreciation of a handful of dedicated fans, but couldn't escape sounding like they missed the groove/nu metal boat a decade ago.

The Defiled

The pirates of Alestorm found themselves in front of a somewhat ambivalent audience for their unique set of keyboard-laden metal. "Wenches & Mead" brought the party to life and "Nancy The Tavern Wench" added a nice touch to the set too, but overall Alestorm failed to capture and excite the audience like they are very well capable of.


Their set was heavily dominated by tracks from their latest album and omitted some live favourites. The slightly more aggressive "Buckfast Powersmash" sounded great, but songs like the closing "Rum" offered little more to the set in general. Entertaining and spirited as always, but this set simply could have been better.

Setlist: The Sunk'n Norwegian / Wenches & Mead / Shipwrecked / Buckfast Powersmash / Nancy The Tavern Wench / Keelhauled / Rumpelkombo / Pirate Song / Captain Morgan's Revenge / Rum


The first UK tour with new singer Marc Hudson also happens to be on the back of one of the band's most impressive albums to date; The Power Within. Marc has some massive shoes to fill after the departure of original singer ZP Theart, but the initial signs were all positive.


Four years ago when Ultra Beatdown came out, the band sounded somewhat stale and needed a kick up the back-side. Either the change of singer or the time to reflect in these years has given Dragonforce that kick, and The Power Within is a new and refreshing, less gimmick - more substance version of the band.

When not fixated on the ever-impressive guitaring duo of Herman and Sam, eyes and ears would be on new singer Marc to see just how well he has filled those shoes in the live environment. He is an impressive singer with a voice perfectly suited to the band; only a few understandable strains with some older songs, but on-the-whole a great new addition to the band. His stage presence is however nowhere near that of his predecessor, but we must remember this is his first major band.


The setlist couldn't have been much better, with a tendency towards the latest album and the Sonic Firestorm album. Celebrating Herman's 36th birthday on this day, the band appeared to be having fun on stage and the audience certainly were joining in with the celebrations too. Top pick "Die By The Sword" from the new album sounded great alongside the older songs such as the epic "Soldiers Of The Wasteland" and "Fields Of Despair" from the second album.


Dragonforce aren't a super tight, errorless machine live, but they exude enthusiasm and fun. Closing with the fantastic "Valley Of The Damned" the band said goodbye after an impressive set that emphatically says Dragonforce are back!

Setlist: Holding On / Heroes Of Our Time / Seasons / Fury Of The Storm / Die By The Sword / Soldiers Of The Wasteland / Fields Of Despair / Through The Fire And Flames / Cry Thunder / Valley Of The Damned


Written on 07.10.2012 by Member of Staff since 2006.


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07.10.2012 - 20:09

Great review Baz!

I thoroughly enjoyed this show (well, Dragonforce and Alestorm anyway) and my only gripe is that Dragonforce weren't on Stage long enough. When Dragonforce next Tour the UK I hope there's only one support Band with them.
08.10.2012 - 03:46

The Alestorm's set seems nice, I found their latest album their best effort to date

As for Dragonforce, I really don't see too much songs from their first album, so it probably wasn't for me

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