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Getting stoked: 70000 Tons Of Metal 2019 - Party Mode On !!!

Event: 70000 Tons Of Metal 2019
Written by: D.T. Metal
Published: 17.09.2018


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Still a little over 4 months to go, and yes, I am stoked for the 9th edition of 70000 Tons Of Metal, The Original, The World's Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise.

It doesn't get any better than watching your favorite band while on a luxury cruise liner; yap, we once again sail on Royal Caribbean's Independence Of The Seas? well, at least for 2019 that is. Rumor has it that in 2020, which will mark the 10th edition of 70000 Tons Of Metal, this floating festival will move to a bigger ship.

But before we worry about what might happen in 2 years, the itinerary for next year's 70000 Tons Of Metal cruise shapes up as follows:

  • January 31st 2019 - leave out of Fort Lauderdale, FL en route to Labadee, Royal Caribbean's own 260-acre private beach resort on the northern coast of Haiti
  • February 1st 2019 - day at sea enjoying tons of live shows on four stages all day and night long
  • February 2nd 2019 - day at Labadee, Haiti. Check out the 70000 Tons Of Metal Pinterest site with tons of pins.
  • February 3rd 2019 - day at sea watching bands, the famous All-Star-Jam, Belly-Flop-Contest and so much more
  • February 4th 2019 - return to Fort Lauderdale, FL wishing it was already 2020 to do it all over again

    Labadee - Destination For 70000 Tons Of Metal 2019

    But, but the bands Well, let's face it - in all the years running Skipper Andy always pulled it off in the end and never disappointed his ever so loyal cruisers. Like with any festival this size it goes without saying that one can't 100% please everybody in the crowd, but the line-up on 70000 Tons Of Metal sure has something for everyone. And that's the beauty of this festival; watching tried-and-true bands such as Blind Guardian, Kreator, Behemoth or Amon Amarth while also being able to check out some rather unknown ones, like Cripper, Megora, Izegrim or Abandon Hope.

    Granted, not a new concept, every major festival in Europe offers the exact same thing, but what sets 70000 Tons Of Metal apart from its peers is the fact that you can enjoy the bands and socialize with other metalheads while sailing on high seas in luxury. And I can't stress this fact enough, especially now that I am getting older. My days of 'roughing it' in a tent during a festival are long gone and I do enjoy the finer things while rock 'n rolling; a comfortable bed and indoor plumbing definitely rank high on my list these days.

    The ticket pre-sale for Gold Survivors (3 or more previous sailings) is already in full swing and followed by Silver Survivors (at least 1 previous sailing) this past weekend and will wraps up with the (date yet to be announced) Public Ticket Sale. To be honest, due to the popularity of this floating festival it's getting harder and harder for first timers to score some of the cheaper cabin options, but each and every year it works out that tons and tons of "fresh meat" make their way onto the ship. If you are seriously thinking about joining the fun, your best bet might be to check the Recruit a Cabin Mate thread in the Official 70000 Tons Of Metal Forum.

    Crowd at the very first All-Star-Jam in 2013

    But, but the bands Yes, there will be bands, but there is so much more this Festival has to offer. Fan favorites like the ever so entertaining belly-flop contest or the, now larger than live, All-Star-Jam hosted by Annihilator's shredder Jeff Waters. I still remember the first time he put this together in 2013 - on the Majesty Of The Seas - in the small Boleros Lounge - watched by not that many people. Now the biggest indoor venue on the ship is packed to the gills during the All-Star-Jam and a lot of people (cruisers and performers alike) are looking forward to this jam session.

    There are also quite a few Artist Clinics happening while on the way back to Fort Lauderdale and over the years some bands also debut their upcoming albums during special listening sessions. Of course each and every band also does a Meet 'n Greet for their fans, and depending on their popularity, the lines can get pretty darn long. But hey, it's not like you won't see your favorite artist roaming around the ship like the rest of us and I haven't seen many who flat out deny a request for a quick picture or autograph while out and about.

    And speaking of out and about - the Independence Of The Seas recently returned to service after a multi-million refurbishment and I can't wait to check out some of the upgrades in person.

    My fellow metalheads - we have water slides now.

    Top Deck Independence Of The Seas

    Other improvements to the cruise liner are: they added a shit ton more cabins to the ship, renamed some of the Theaters and Dining Rooms, added Izumi Hibachi and Sushi specialty restaurant, added Fish & Chips location on the Pool Deck and improved the ice rink (Studio B venue) to mention just a few improvements. They added a Laser Tag but since this is usually held in the ice rink I doubt this will be available during our cruise due to the fact that the ice rink is one of the venues. Ugh

    The Independence was also the first ship to gain Royal Caribbean's new Royal Amplified package of amenities which includes the following among others:

    Sky Pad - The gravity-defying bungee trampoline experience amped up with virtual reality
    The Perfect Storm - A thrilling pair of three-story-high racer waterslides called Cyclone and Typhoon
    Escape Room: The Observatorium - Royal Caribbean's newest escape room challenge
    FlowRider - The cruise line's signature 40-foot-long surf simulator, perfect for hanging ten
    Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade - For fans watching their home team on one of more than 25 TV screens, making their own legendary plays at the arcade, or refueling on game-day favorites.

    Another remodel I am totally stoked about is that they shortened those tall orange pillars on the pool deck and according to pictures it looks like the view to watch bands on the largest stage while on sea is going to be much much better. It's gonna be a fun time on the boat for sure.

    But, but the bands Got it, got it. But to stress one more time: when you don't watch bands you definitely won't get bored, hungry or thirsty. Not only are there tons of bars throughout the ship, at each entrance to the venues the staff set up a makeshift mini bar with most of your favorite beverages available as well. And while it is hard to please everyone when it comes to food, I believe the ship offers a great variety of eating establishments.

    You have the buffet style restaurant Windjammer in addition to the a-la-carte dining room and specialty restaurants; including a Johnny Rockets burger joint. For small snacks the ship's Promenade Deck offers your run of the mill Pizza joint as well as a sandwich and croissant place. I do believe they got away with the Cupcake place and instead added a general desert and candy type shop.

    There is so much to do and hang out on the ship that you won't get bored, trust me. And I guess this is why this "annual gathering of faithful" is getting more and more popular. Seriously, you will meet metalheads from all corners of the world; united for one goal - to enjoy some awesome music and socialize with others while doing so.

    Always a party somewhere

    Oh, and speaking of goal? since the cruise is happening during the NFL Super Bowl weekend it shouldn't deter you to attend; if you are a sports fan that is. The game will be broadcasted in the Sports Bar and the organizers made a huge deal about this Super Bowl Party in prior years. GO SPORTS TEAM

    There is also another Party prior to the cruise. While officially not part of and not affiliated with the 70000 Tons Of Metal organizers, the annual Beach Party is also something not to be missed. This solely cruiser planned and executed event has taken on a life of its own and turned into a 3-day fun and activities packed gathering.For 2019 the 'headquarters' of the pre-parties will once again be the infamous Clevelander Hotel on Miami's South Beach and the crème-de-la-crème will be the party on the beach front the day prior to sailing. If you plan on attending, don't miss this!

    As of press time there are 26 out of 60 bands announced. To see the entire line-up please check the Artist Page on the official website. Already I am stoked about some of the announcements:

    Accept finally made it onto the boat and I am happy about this for sure. Gloryhammer and Twilight Force - yes please. Those guys are always a hoot to watch. God Dethroned and Dark Funeral - oh hell yes I am also stoked to finally see Warbringer thrashing on high seas and adding The Black Dahlia Murder was a curveball well delivered by the organizers.

    To be honest I am digging the entire line-up thus far; obviously I like some bands more than others, but that's the beauty of this Festival - there is something for everyone.

    Sounds interesting? It is a bucket list item for a lot of people and if you want to join the fun in 2019 check the official 70000 Tons Of Metal website for photos, FAQs (for booking, travel documents, payment, etc.), vessel amenities, events details and more.

    Also follow the 70K Twitter feed and 'like' their Facebook page to stay up-to-date on all info about the cruise.

    Hopefully I will see some of you on board.

    Written on 17.09.2018 by Former boss lady. Now just a professional concertgoer... dangerously armed with a camera!

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