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Beheaded - Ominous Bloodline review


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Band: Beheaded
Album: Ominous Bloodline
Release date: 2005

01. Crowned With Repression
02. Esoteric Kin
03. Conceived To Dominate
04. Vaults Of Ageless Pain
05. Depths Of Sore
06. Ominous Bloodline
07. Ill Remains
08. Scourging Repudiation
09. Rooted In Profundity

This album is all about greatness and importance of the brutal genre; "Ominous Bloodline" is the epitome of violence mixed with technicality and complexity at the same time.

This band is actually a bit old (they started back in 1991); after a demo, a Full Length album and one EP they finally released their "groundbreaking" piece called "Recounts Of Disembodiment" in 1998. With that album Beheaded became stronger and stronger each day, and of course they also gathered a lot of fans all over the world. Now the band is back with "Ominous Bloodline", a more polished piece with incredible music and awesome execution; a revolutionary album waiting to destroy each cell and neuron of your brain.

The music has an incredible structure, every guitar riff is brutal and catchy at the same time; the drum beats are more than impressive (those irregular patterns are overwhelming believe me), and the vocal work is really disturbing and incredibly deep, Melchior Borg is by far one of the best growlers nowadays no doubt. So generally speaking the album is shaped in many musical ways, the minds surrounding "Ominous Bloodline" managed to add catchy beats, rough tones and chords, brutal as hell music and many other juicy features including awesome guitar solos (rare characteristic in a Brutal Death band) everything in just one CD.

This album is really remarkable, every single track has a great "fragment" that creates different atmospheres over and over again; there's even an outstanding instrumental track forming the intermezzo of the album in an excellent way ("Depths Of Sore"). There is no bad song in this record, every single tune has something good to worship, and believe me, you'll be playing this album more than twice in a row and every time you'll find something new and awesome in it.

The production is clean as water; every instrument sounds really loud and clear in a really refined way (I'm really impressed by the drum-cymbals, specially the ride which sounds marvelously well). Even the artwork is very good; it's simple, but good none the less. Take my advice, buy "Ominous Bloodline" as soon as possible, you'll find one of the most interesting releases Brutal Death Metal can offer.

Best Tracks: "Crowned With Repression", "Ominous Bloodline", "Scourging Repudiation"

Written by Herzebeth | 27.11.2005


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18.08.2008 - 18:52
Urban Monster
I'm liking this album alot, more and more every listen, it's a grower. Every instrument is tight as fuck, i especially like the drums. Beheaded are definitely one of the better brutal acts. Good review.
Any man can stand adversity, but to test his character give him power - A. Lincoln
12.02.2011 - 08:44
Great album indeed impressed me the first time when i heard it and still manages to amaze me everytime i listen to it. Catchy as hell and brutal as fuck.. Highly recommnded
27.05.2011 - 03:53

A pair of songs are good...the rest of the album is boring

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