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Ñu - Títeres review


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Band: Ñu
Album: Títeres
Release date: 2003

01. Soy él
02. Te seguiré
03. Mono
04. Hot Show Girls
05. Solo por ti (hago Rock & Roll)
06. Todo por la pinta
07. Has visto alguna vez caer la lluvia
08. Tormenta de pasión
09. Piérdete
10. Títeres
11. Ídolo
12. El canto del gallo

One of the most influential spanish bands in history, Ñu, is now back with the band's 18th album in its constant voyage through music, Under the humble name "Titeres" (puppets). An album in which the listener can easily remark the amazing work in guitar solos of the band's axeman Juan Freire, and the trademark element of the band's sound, the multi-ability with flutes from the frontman and band leader, Juan Carlos Molina.

Musically, we can talk about "Titeres" as a colorful journey to raock and roll itself. From folkish-structured melodies like "Tormenta de Pasion" or "Soy èl" to catchy down-tempo songs like "Solo por ti (hago rock and roll)". The band enters to a more metal-pure sound in songs like "Todo por la pinta" and "Hot Show Girls", enforced by the magic of guitarrist Freire and with a very catchy rhythm section by Jorge Arnaiz (drummer). The bassplyer Gorka Alegre and Juan Carlos molina are object of great attention in the Hard Rock anthem "Mono" (that will inevitably become a classic among Ñu fans); It's like someone put a flute on an AC/DC song!.

"Titeres" also contains the first cover version made by this band. The classic song by Creedence Clearwater Revival "Have You Ever Seen the Rain" (Has visto alguna vez caer la lluvia), in which the voice and harmonies by Juan Carlos Molina give a different touch to the song.
The Jethro Tull "touch" this band has is clearly shown on the title-track "Titeres". The Excellent work with the flute and the song's catchy chorus are present again, as well as in the rest of the album.

Twelve songs of original and direct rock and roll make "Titeres", Ñu's most complete album in the 25 years of the band's history. Recommendable for everyone, just everyone who wants to enter to this dimension.

Written by The Monk | 12.05.2004

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