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Wormwitch - Wolf Hex review

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Band: Wormwitch
Album: Wolf Hex
Release date: August 2021

01. Lunar Maniac
02. Canadian Denim Mountain Attack
03. The Wolves Of Ossory
04. Hammer Of The Underwold
05. The Crimson Proof
06. Abracadabra
07. Leering Crystal Effigies
08. Grail
09. Teeth Of The Dawn
10. Hit The Lights [Metallica cover]

Wormwitch, no, not Wormwood. Those are the Canadian master blenders of black, doom, punk, and anything that seems to fit in who also brought you the excellent and fun Heaven That Dwells Within. Now the quatuor from Vancouver is conjuring the black moon magick and the wolven spirits to bring forth their third kick ass offering entitled Wolf Hex. If you like your black metal mixed with crust punk, you have arrived.

Like their previous albums, Wolf Hex is a quick listen. A sonic blitz that runs around 33 minutes and dishes out direct songs that freshen up that whole black metal sound. It is black metal with heavy metal guitar solos, rock'n'roll attitude and emotional screams. The intense trio of "Canadian Denim Mountain Attack", "The Wolves Of Ossory" and "Hammer Of The Underworld" brings the punk'n'roll elements of their BM to the front while the acoustic guitar and chants on "The Crimson Proof" turns up the folk level tenfold before being hit by the relentless crush of melodic blackness that is "Abracadabra". "Leering Crystal Effigies" and "Teeth Of The Dawn" each bring back the blackish punk attitude forth in their own separate ways. Then the cover of Metallica's "Hit The Lights" is a groovy finisher, and it does align rather well with the overall tone of the album. Also kudos are in order as that iconic guitar solo in it was nailed with iron claws.

So to resume: Seven original songs, two short mood-setting instrumental pieces and an inspired cover. All the tracks rock but Wolf Hex is perhaps missing one epic song to coalesce the whole evil wolf concept into a definite killer album. Still, this is the kind of record that works best through quick replays, so there is that to consider.

Inspired by greats such as Uada and Suffocation, Wormwitch managed to distill the equivalent of one unholy Canadian rye into a blend of enjoyable anthems. That extra touch of rebellion that one can feel through their music only enhances the sonic experience that is Wolf Hex. There is something in there that tells you to go screw yourself graciously and I like the freshness of that. If you like your black metal infused with crust punk and attitude, you have most definitely arrived.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written on 27.08.2021 by Bringing you reviews of quality music and interesting questions such as:

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29.08.2021 - 15:15
Rating: 8

I really like how this has a live feel to it, with the vocalist shouting "alright" among other things before a rocking section or before he is kicking in for a verse. Don't know if it matches up to their prior release, but I like the short run time and these tunes definitely have a nice attitude and great energy. Fun album!
19.12.2021 - 09:49
Rating: 8

Well the previos release was better but this one was no small feat either. The groovy jamming sections of the cover song are just delightful.
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