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FaithXtractor - Contempt For A Failed Dimension review

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Band: FaithXtractor
Album: Contempt For A Failed Dimension
Release date: January 2023

01. Vomiting Proclaimation
02. Life Abnegation
03. Relative First Occurrence
04. Revenge Void Asphyxia
05. The Blood That Seethes
06. On Every Breath...A Curse

Why does the OSDM album of this US band sound so much like a certain Finnish underground classic? Well, I'm not complaining!

Let's do a little thought experiment. Think of the term "old school death metal" (OSDM). What bands do you associate with this subgenre? I believe that most people would consider US bands like Obituary, Autopsy, or Immolation. Next, people would think of Swedish masters like Entombed and Dismember, and some would call upon the dreadful Dutch giants such as Asphyx and Pestilence. Even fewer people, however, would search for old school death metal inspiration in Finland, a country more commonly associated with extreme power metal, folk metal, and melodeath bands like Wintersun, Children Of Bodom, Ensiferum, and Amorphis. With only 54 fans on this site, I think it's safe to assume that only very few seem to know of the Finnish band called Demigod, who released in 1992 one of the best underground death metal albums of all time: Slumber Of Sullen Eyes.

Now, why have I been telling you all this? Well, FaithXtractor manage to sound like Demigod better than any other band I've encountered. And that's perhaps the first indication that this US duo are not like most run-of-the-mill OSDM worshippers. We've heard dozens of Entombed and Obituary clones, but a Demigod inspiration is something special. Anyway, enough introduction! What does this music actually sound like?

FaithXtractor offer death metal that is everything a headbang-loving fan could hope for. Incessant, lightning-fast pummeling, intense riffing, and monstrous growling vocals never give the listener a moment to breathe. Buzzsaw riffs produce an oppressive background rhythm, but the special Demigod flavor lies in the prominent lead guitar-work that provides sharp, highly catchy melodies. The heavy musicianship creates a stifling sensation akin to being trapped in a pitch-black cave. Whereas the technical lead guitar-playing acts as flickering flames that spring up from the dark backdrop. This contrast ensures that the music stays dynamic and never becomes one-dimensional. But, despite melodic guitar-work strewn among the cacophonous musicianship, the songs never come to a complete standstill as the drums keep up a continuously fast pace. While Demigod's album has a runtime of nearly an hour, FaithXtractor's 6 tracks last only for a total of 24 minutes. As a result, the band don't waste a second and use the opportunity to fill every song to the brim with fist-pumping, energetic death metal.

Impressed by the band's performance on this album, I went to research the rest of their discography. It turns out that, since 2008, FaithXtractor have released an LP every five years, making Contempt For A Failed Dimension their fourth full-length release. While the growling vocals have remained a consistent feature, the musicianship experienced a gradual transition from thrash to death metal over the course of their albums. Their third album saw the introduction of a more muffled, cavernous atmosphere that let the buzzsaw riffs resonate very well. Each release offered their signature style of mixing groovy riffs, menacing rhythms, and melodic solos, but this latest installment is clearly the pinnacle of their craft. The optimal production simultaneously allows the heavy riffage to pack a punch, while the intricate guitar solos are able to cut through the dense growls with crystal clear precision.

In conclusion, FaithXtractor are a band that have perfected their style with this release, showcasing an ominous atmosphere, catchy hooks, and bludgeoning ear candy that'll satisfy any lover of juicy, old school death metal.

Written on 26.02.2023 by The sign of good music is the ability to both convey and trigger emotion.


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27.02.2023 - 00:20
Rating: 8

Definitely one I'll check out. I can't tell as I'm not in touch with that many metalheads, but Demigod do seem overlooked from what I've seen on the internet... too bad for those folks :p
So imminently visible - this cloaked innocent guilt
Sentenced to a lifetime, a second of structured chaos
Trampled by the ferocious, raging crowds of solitude
I'm the soil beneath me soaking up the sustenance of my own death.
27.02.2023 - 02:54
A Real Monkey

I keep reading the band name as "Faith Tractor."
"Change the world. My final message. Goodbye."

~Last words of Harambe, seconds before he was shot, according to child he shielded from gunfire

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