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Apathy Noir - Cold Endless Winter review

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Band: Apathy Noir
Album: Cold Endless Winter
Release date: April 2006

01. Cold Endless Winter
02. The Ghost Of Me
03. Black Day

Apathy hail from Sweden and from what I noticed "Cold Endless Winter" is their first demo and it consists of three compositions. The cover has a depressing atmosphere, drowned in cold colors, evoking a sense of solitude and desolation. The music is melancholic, touching and I can say it paces with the cold-colored cover of the first Apathy demo, a cover that gives a portrait of a "cold endless winter".

Apathy is the band of Viktor Jonas who performs the drum programming, the guitars and the piano on this release, accompanied by the guest appearances of Sebastian Gustafsson on the bass lines and Mattias Wetterhall on the vocals. Viktor Jonas did a good job not only in the composing part, but he interpreted the piano, the guitars and did the drum programming in the most appropriate way. Just listen to the piano on "Black Day", simplistic, but so beautiful and atmosphere-evoking! The guitar work is really good, with the riffing evoking a more epic feeling on the first composition and a more desolate one on the other two. As for the vocals, Mattias did a really good job on the vocal factor, especially his grunting vocals on "Black Day" are exceptional, his more black metal oriented ones are good too, only his clean melodic ones on "Cold Endless Winter" are missing something, they are interesting, but nothing really special.

As I said above, the demo consists of three compositions, "Cold Endless Winter", "The Ghost Of Me" and "Black Day". The first track of the album is good, a good opener, but my favorite compositions have to be, definitely and without any second thought, "The Ghost Of Me" and "Black Day", with the one song being more doom than the other. It's a bit difficult to define the sound of Apathy, the only sure thing is that they offer some deep and strong melancholic music. I would call them melodic doom/"death" with a "Brave Murder Day"-oriented aesthetic according to the last two songs of this demo. The guitars have this special Katatonia-driven approach, being melancholic, gentle and leaving scars, whereas the screaming grunting vocals lend a more tormented edge in the emotionally burdened atmosphere. The first composition is not so emotionally burdened, it seems to have something like an epic feeling in the overall melancholy rather than a bereaving approach like "Black Day", a song whose title is the most ideal for it.

Apathy have a lot potential inside as a band and "Cold Endless Winter" proves this, I'm eager to see how the band will progress! It's a really good work, i couldn't stop listening to it!

"Blood across the bathroom floor
My soul is leaving life
I pray the lord not to curse me again with birth"

Written on 03.05.2006 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."

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