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Urkraft - The Inhuman Aberration review


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Band: Urkraft
Album: The Inhuman Aberration
Release date: June 2006

01. Too Strong For The Strongest Lord
02. This Great Summer
03. The Only Gods
04. The Inhuman Aberration
05. Open The Gate
06. Come No Tomorrow
07. Watch Your Own Eyes
08. Liberation
09. Forsaken
10. The Pressure Of Our Jaws

The story goes more o less like this: I was really excited when I saw the name Urkraft in my hands; I had good references about that band as many people was talking about how great their music was and how original their structures were. So now I had the opportunity to hear their new material, an album called "The Inhuman Aberration" by the way, I can't talk about my impression right in the first paragraph of the review right? So let's dig a little deeper.

Urkraft is a Danish band that plays Melodic Death Metal withAt The Gates and Sceptic touches and even some Quo Vadis undertones (I'm talking about their technicality). So their music as a whole does not sound bad or anything, they actually have enormous skills when it comes to execution and songwriting as the whole album is quite easy on the ear and somehow very fresh when hearing the structures; the tunes are managed in a very harmonious way though, so the album is not "inhuman" at all, it's actually more horizontal than edgy if you know what I mean.

What went wrong? Two things as far as I can see; the most important thing is the vocal-work, the tones are sadly very weak and quite limited, so when the album is going through a bland stage the vocalist just makes it worse instead of aiding the track. The secondary thing is the addition of keyboards; the overall music is really soft and mellow at times, but when the keyboards pierce the song, everything becomes even more fragile and unfortunately very unexciting. Both facts are minor details of course, but those points are the ones that stop this album from being a good CD.

This album is not the greatest thing ever released and it is not total boredom, it's just a decent release that will hook the people into really?and I mean Really? melodic death metal.

Best Tracks: "Open The Gate"

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by Herzebeth | 02.09.2006


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02.09.2006 - 06:31
Account deleted
I used to own "Eternal Cosmic Slaughter" and found it killer, it was the soundtrack for one whole summer, but it got old rather quick.. somehow I don't feel interested in getting this, and for what I had heard, it's weaker than the debut.
03.09.2006 - 13:21
I gave the album a listen because of the name and the fact they're from Denmark...I wasn't impressed. I found the album boring and the vocals to weak for the music

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25.11.2011 - 15:03

Good album over all, but Illdisposed are better
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