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Silent Force - Walk The Earth review


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Band: Silent Force
Album: Walk The Earth
Style: Progressive power metal
Release date: February 2007

01. Man And Machine
02. Walk The Earth
03. Point Of No Return
04. In From The Dark
05. The King Of Fools
06. Child Within
07. Goodbye My Ghost
08. Save Me From Myself
09. My Independence Day
10. The Blind Leading The Blind
11. Running Through The Fire
12. Picture Of A Shadow
13. Saints And Sinners [acoustic version] [Japanese bonus]

Silent Force is nothing else than the band of Alex Beyrodt (guitarist of Primal Fear) and DC Cooper, the fantastic ex singer of Royal Hunt. If their first albums with the band were a bit average I have to admit that this time, "Walk The Earth" is without any doubt a really nice surprise, a new step in the career of the German/American combo. Their really cool Power mixed with Hard Rock (with some little Progressive influences) is beautiful and I can only recommend this new release to you, the fans of good Metal.

"Walk The Earth" is a cool release. The band knew how to produce a really beautiful Power Metal which flirts with Hard FM and which is clearly influenced by US Metal. In general, the songs of this album are deep and complex, they all have a real soul if you see what I mean. The music of the new Silent Force is intelligent and it's good to see that a band is able to produce an album which is not linear. With great melodic guitars riffs, with a lot of keyboards (the only little progressive "side" of the album in my opinion) and of course with a bunch of well-written songs Silent Force just releases this year its best album.

But even if the compositions are good, I have to say that it's the performance of the musicians which is here the strong point of the release. Nothing to say about the performance of Alex and the other musicians, that's perfect but damn what can I say about DC Cooper? During the whole album, our guy just proves that he is probably one of the best singers of the Metal scene. His beautiful voice is just incredible here and Alex Beyrodt perfectly understood how to write songs for him. That's simple, the voice of DC perfectly fits to the cool atmosphere of the Power / Hard FM, his performance here is just incredible and you can be sure that you'll be surprised by the really high musical level of the album...

What can I add? Nothing I think. If the previous albums of the combo were nothing special, "Walk The Earth" is the revelation and the confirmation that we're in front of a real original band. With an amazing line up and a fantastic singer, Silent Force should become a great band if our guys can confirm all those good feelings on their next album. It's good to have the possibility to find those kind of releases nowadays, let's hope that Silent Force will follow this road in the future.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 08.03.2007


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08.03.2007 - 15:57
Never heard of this band before...but after this review I'll have to check them out

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08.03.2007 - 16:27
Rosetta Stoned
I've heard the title track on a promo I got with a magazine... it was easily the best song out of 18-20 songs! This album seems really promising!
08.03.2007 - 17:07
Rating: 8
I agree it's an awesome album, but I don't agree at all about the fact the previous ones were average. To me, the first album(The Empire Of Future) had nothing special, yes, but Infatuator and Worlds Apart were already very good albums. Infatuator was a straight to the point power metal album, and Walk The Earth is in the vein of Worlds Apart, mixed with some parts of Infatuator (some musical themes are alike). Worlds Apart already showed the marriage of DC's way of singing (opera orientated) and the 70/80's metal Alex like.
Well, just my opinion. I can't really tell if Walk The Earth is their best album, but it's a great album, it deserves that 8.2. Btw, I would have put a ten to the Denis Ward production.
09.03.2007 - 02:38
Jonathan Tweet
Account deleted
DC Cooper's guest performance on Dol Ammad's song Aquatic Majesty is one of the best I've ever heard.
15.12.2007 - 18:49
Rating: 8
just received this CD in the mail, along with "worlds apart". great production and songwriting. 8/10!

edit: i think worlds apart is a much better album, although walk the earth is a very good effort.
08.07.2008 - 15:35
Rating: 8
Great album, "Goodbye My Ghost" and "Running Through The Fire" are excellent!!
27.10.2010 - 02:10
Rating: 8
Mountain King
K i K o
"Walk The Earth" and "Someone Save Me From Myself" are just amazing. Other good tracks "Point Of No Return", "Man & Machine" and " Goodbye My Ghost". It's a very good album and Silent Force are becoming better and better. I love this band, i love Alex and DC and Hilgers. But Worlds Apart is definitely their best album for me. It's in my top 20 power metal albums list, that's how good it is...
27.10.2010 - 04:41
Jason W.
Damn, I miss albums like this. It seems they are few and far between, because I'd be a much bigger power metal fan if music like this was released consistently. The first three tracks are simply awesome! Never did pick up their earlier releases, but worth looking into as well from what I hear
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10.02.2011 - 17:21
Rating: 6
It is not so good album.... a few songs are a tottaly ripoff.... like a song walk the earth - thunderstone - until we touch the burnning sun
10.02.2011 - 18:04
Rating: 9
Love this album. Nice review Jeff! Just solid metal this is
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