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Within Temptation - The Heart Of Everything review


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Band: Within Temptation
Album: The Heart Of Everything
Release date: March 2007

01. The Howling
02. What Have You Done [feat. Keith Caputo]
03. Frozen
04. Our Solemn Hour
05. The Heart Of Everything
06. Hand Of Sorrow
07. The Cross
08. Final Destination
09. All I Need
10. The Truth Beneath The Rose
11. Forgiven
12. The Last Time [bonus]
13. Sounds Of Freedom [bonus]
14. Blue Eyes [bonus]
15. What Have You Done [extended version] [bonus]

What have you done? What have you done guys to the beautiful music that you used to plays in the past? I'm still trying to find a good and honest answer but the only one that I found is market, marketing, money, whatever? "The Silent Force" was already a bit deceiving, at least at the first listening because with time (even if I will ever say that the little electronic beats there and there were a terrible mistake) it was ok and some of the songs were more than alright. But even if we have some better things (no more stupid beats) on "The Heart Of Everything", I'm still disappointed, the new album of Within Temptation is just an average album of Pop Metal perfectly build for MTV?

"The Heart Of Everything" is a bit deceiving for me and let me tell you why. First, it's simply hard to find amazing songs, real hits. Of course if you're not looking for something new and a bit deep, it should be ok but on the other hand I didn't find anything special on this release. The duo with Keith Kaputo is catchy that's right but this is also something extremely commercial, simply build to sell CDs in my opinion. I can even understand why the band chose this song to be the first single of the album because it's just extremely easy of access and yes EVERYBODY can listen to it. I can totally understand if the band wants to have a large audience, no problem but they will have to know that they're not playing anymore the music that they used to play and I hope that they can understand that their old fans can be a bit disappointed by this new musical orientation. Even the voice of Sharon is not so good this time. Maybe that some of you will not understand these words but I discovered Within Temptation with "Enter" and I hope that you can understand that it's a bit hard for people like me to follow the road of the new Within Temptation now.

But all is not bad of course. Personally I have nothing against Within Temptation and I didn't write this review to say only that the new album is a bad album because that's not right too. As an example, the orchestrations on "The Heart Of Everything" are really great and give something magic to the music of the band. Also, the fact that the album doesn't have any more this typical "American" trendy production that we had on the previous release is a great thing and some songs like "Our Solemn Hour" or "Hand Of Sorrow" with their really good melody are good examples that the band can still write good songs if they want (even if of course it will never be comparable to the ones on "Enter" or "Mother Earth"). Plus, we have real some big riffs sometime but it's not enough to save the release in my opinion. It will depend of your musical tastes actually. If you don't mind to listen to some sweet commercial Metal, it will be ok. If you hate such music, please go away as soon as possible.

The new Within Temptation is a new deception for me. I'm sure that some of you will like it a lot but for me, it's a bit too "sweet" and uninspired to be a good album. Where is the magical spirit that we were able to find on the old albums? I don't know but not on "The Heart Of Everything" for sure. It's not even possible to find good songs like "Jillian" or "See Who I Am". What have you done? That's the question yes? With "The Heart Of Everything" you only released an album formatted for the radio and TV and that's a bit sad. This is not the worst album ever but Within Temptation is able to do something better.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 6
Originality: 7
Production: 9

Written by Jeff | 04.05.2007

Guest review by
Behold Within Temptation, probably one of most popular symphonic metal bands out there. After Mother Earth was released many fans were surprised that the band changed the style of their music. But the album itself was one of the best of that year so its success basically covered up the fact that this band was heading towards a different pathway in metal (gothic/doom metal to symphonic/gothic metal). Then The Silent Force was released in 2004 and we all now knew that Within Temptation was not coming back to their original style for now. But behold their 4th studio album The Heart Of Everything and boy there were a lot of fans who were worried that this band was done (if they were not satisfied about (The Silent Force being more symphonic metal/rock).

published 24.10.2012 | Comments (0)

Guest review by
After the miraculous fame of The Silent Force and the criticism that was attach to it, fans of the symphonic/gothic metal act Within Temptation didn't know what they could exactly expect from them. Leaving the common gothic/doom metal setting many bands were approaching in those day for a more orchestral theme, they created The Silent Force. Also if you haven't listened to the The Silent Force it was basically a show off or a brag on mezzo soprano powerhouse Sharon Den Adel. The Silent Force was not all dandy and perfect. But it did prove that Within Temptation was not just another passing by symphonic metal band. They were up there next to bands like Therion and Nightwish.

published 02.04.2013 | Comments (1)

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17.06.2007 - 19:25
Rating: 8
Advice Troll
I like this album more than every other older. I found it heavier than every of their other releases and that's something good...
Bitch! Please
16.07.2007 - 11:28

listen guys, I think this album is really cool, the vocals and the guitars and the keyboards every thing is cool and awesome so I'll give this band high reputation for them and respect
22.08.2007 - 02:11
Rating: 7

oh come on.. 'what have you done' is clearly the only crap song.. lots of songs on this album are epic compared to many previous works
04.10.2007 - 10:26
Account deleted
Written by Guest on 04.10.2007 at 07:23

Este disco deja mucho que desear, pudieron hacer algo mejor... pero en si no es un mal album... lastima, no creo que vuelvan a hacer algo parecido al Mother Earth o Enter. Saludos a la gente desde Perú.

Man i don't understand anything (maybe except for 'Mother Earth', 'Enter' and 'Peru') . Please, speak English
04.10.2007 - 22:58
Rating: 7

I got this from an online translator ( :

"This disc leaves much that to wish, could make something better ... but in if it is not a bad album ... it hurts, I do not believe that they do anything again similarly to Mother Earth or Enter. Greetings to the people from Peru."

btw this translator site helped me a couple times to understand the pages of great russian speaking bands.
26.12.2007 - 03:07

@albatros: If it is spanish, post it in spanish and I'll transalte it, cause it makes no sense in english!

The firsts times i listened to this album I simply hated it! I could not stand it and I despited it!

Something like 2 months ago, that is 8 months after it's release, I decided to give it another chance, and I was surprised, how did I come to hate it?
It is good indeed!, as many have said, song like Our Solemn Hour, and Hand Of Sorrow are just GREAT!

I agree, maybe it is their worst work so far, but that does not mean it is a bad album. give it a try!
26.02.2008 - 03:08
Account deleted
Couldn't disagree more with the review, this album is a masterpiece. This is by far Sharon's strongest vocal performance to date, the songs are top notch and the engineering (by Rammstein's people) is absolutely superb. This is an album where all the various threads of previous albums come together to deliver the masterpiece their potential has always promised. Congratulations fellas!
01.04.2008 - 21:21
Account deleted
I agree. This album cant be comparable to Mother Earth, Enter and The Dance. Because these old albums were the masterpieces of symphonic metal!!! The new album is ok but it more..... rock than symphonic metal. And it sounds too mainstream!

(sorry for my bad English)
09.04.2008 - 14:53

what a bad review......this album is awesome and is even better live
power metal 'til death!!!!!!!!!
13.08.2008 - 22:23
Rating: 10

Written by Jg1 on 08.05.2007 at 11:58

Although it might not be "true metal", I wouldn't call it pop.
Bands like Within Temptation have something that pop music cannot reach.
The genre is sometimes called atmospheric metal. This title has two sides -
atmospheric and metal. WT's metal side might be weak, but the other side, "atmospheric", still exists, as strong as always.

So, they are not so tr00 and if you don't like it, it's your choice, but that doesn't make them pop music. The fact that radio-listeners might like some songs doesn't make them bad.

I would not take the title "metal" away from them. As mentioned before me, many other bands play softer style too and are still called metal.
Why is WT not metal? They music is strong and has good, powerful guitars. Sure, the riffs they use are not same as "true metal", but that makes me ask, what is the metal WT is not? Doom, power and black for example use very different playing style, so there is no single metal style that can be used to say "this is the prototype of metal". So, their metal is another kind of metal.
You might not like it, but then again, power-fan doesn't like doom or black fan doesn't like power and that doesn't make doom or power less metal, and it same with this soft atmospheric metal, being a bit different it does not make it non-metal.

Also orchestration, choirs, Sharon's vocals(which are still good though different and way over any pop singer), poetic lyrics, epic topics, bombastic composition, and so on are much more linked to metal than pop. Pop doesn't have such characteristics.
But metal does. I think the atmoshpere with symphonics and such is part of metal as much as agressive guitar riffs(I know that oldschool metalheads might disagree), and WT does have metallic atmosphere, well, at least it's much closer to metal than pop rock. Pop music makes light songs, but WT, though it might not be your style, is deep. Radio-listeners might listen to these songs and enjoy them, but I doubt they will connect to the music and appreciate it on the same level as the metal-listening WT fans do.

And even if you say its not metal, I like the album very much. I don't really care what it is labelled, labels are just labels. I know that it isn't pop, it has the strenght, beautiful emotions, great melodies and depth that I am looking in music and that's all I need, call it whatever you want. It's one of the most beautiful bands I know.

I like what they do, I wouldn't expect "We are TR00!!!! We love SATAN!!!! ROAAAAAAAARR!!! KILL!!!!" from them, now that would suck.

I totally agree with u, This album is far too great although i like The Silent Force more.
I dont know from why people said that Sharon's voice is weak on this album, Actuall its way better than in The Dance (Where The Vocals are Aweful!!!!) & Enter (The Vocals are average in it), and the Orchestrations are too Fantastic.
First i didnt got the lyrics, but i read what they mean in it, and i was really impressed.
and Those People who say that Enter & Mother Earth are better albums, I said This before and Im saying it now: YOU HAVE TO JUDGE THE ALBUM BY ITS OWN BEAUTY, NOT COMPARE IT WITH PAST ALBUMS!!
and Actually, for me this album is way better than Mother Earth & Enter for the Symphonic Metal Scene, Enter was alot like doom, and Mother Earth was alot like Gothic.
and about "What Have You Done", well I didnt like it very much at first, and thought: Who is The Hell That Keith Caputo? but then I really enjoyed it cause I Dont care who is, Just Sharon singing is enough.
and for those who saying that this album is made for MTV like & commercial succes, Im happy to Tell You That YOU ARE VERY WRONG!!!!!!!, and if You dont like it then DONT WATCH IT!!!!!!
So What if the band released a video and it get to appear on TV, that doesnt make it "commercial"
The band want to entertainment u, and to make a differrent feelings & image about the song.
And this Album has a lot of beautiful, a concept like songs like: The Howling, Frozen, Our Solemn Hour, The Heart of Everything, Hand of Sorrow, the Truth Beneath The Rose, and I love Forgiven, very nice ballad.
13.08.2008 - 22:24
Rating: 10

Written by dancingdecember on 04.05.2007 at 23:24

this is not a hate speech..belive me i appreciate all kinds of experimental and new stuff but...
i saw the video on tv.they cant be more gay.even gayer than the last album.this has nothing to do with metal.these bands are pop bands and they dont deserve our attention on this site.i dont care what you will say to me and im an openminded person.but its not openmindedness to give 7 to a pop band in a metal site.once they were good now they are lower than that evanescence which they are trying to if these type of albums worth 7 so others are 77?every album gets 7 by worst chance and i dont get it.theres no bad albums out there?thers no better albums in bands' discography and if there were they are only better by 1 or 2 points?if it doesnt have to be metal then it doesnt have to get a review on a metal site.if its ok with bands to go so low then its doesnt matter if we dont pay attention to them anymore.just hand it to the others who like them.and if they wanna read a review about these mtv bands then they should go to a site with mtv least people only listening to these kinda bands dont say they listen to goth(or symphonic) metal or any aware of what you are listening and be aware of bands trying to get your "metalhead" attention(money) and mtv culture-mainstream people's money at the same time and still caliming to be metal.i dont say those bands who apeears on mtv should be banned but they were always there and we loved them in that way.i hate those bands which sells out in a cheap way.there are bands which sold out but still kept making some metal and we continued to listen to them maybe.but to make this kinda cheap tactics to be like other bands with female vocalists is so playing us for fools...
in dont need to suck up to masses in these ways.i feel sorry for can change you can do whatever you want you are not our slaves but at least dont pretend like this is your "timely evolution",we all know whats its all about
(this post evolved from WT to all bands in this mentality)

I usually dont argue about opinions, cause in the end, everybody has one.
but this "Epic Speech"!!!!, IT KILLS ME, cause who ever wrote this is way far from openminding, and saying that he is!
I never get why people hate bands appearing on MTV, What the hell would happen if the band released videos & appeared on that channel, its not a commercial like attitude.
and u, saying that now all female fronted bands like WT are being "Pop Metal" just put me in a heartattack!! I dont know where the hell people got that "expression" from.
There is no such thing! Metal is MEtal , and Pop is Pop!
and u seem u dont like Symphonic Metal (which most of female fronted bands play), that doesnt mean that this genre is "fooling us all" like u said Mr, thats such an aweful thing to say!!
and what about Evanescence? i dont understand why people hate this band! I personally like it vey much, and please dont mix all the Female fronted Metal bands with a Rock-like Evanescence band, cause it would be such a horrible mistake and it reveals that u dont understand a f***ing thing in Metal!
So if u dont like this style, dont say that is not Metal, cause its Metal if u like it or not!
Dont think im a blinded like fan of WT and all others alike, Im not talking from my point of view only, its Reality and u need to get used to it.
This REview is OK and the rate is almost fair, though the Album Is Fantastic even I disagree with alot of things, and if u dont like this, nobody hit u and threaten u to read this review!
And this Site Rocks!! and the reviews almost very good (despit ones i really hated), and here im saying again that u dont have to use this site if u disagree with it.
14.02.2010 - 16:16

What you talking about WT ok look at nightwish they did that but no one say it antte totly pop sound or epica peaseeeeeee becsae she is hot they but her in the band
14.02.2010 - 16:18

Anddddddddddddddddddddddd bad review this album is sooooooooooooooooo great
14.02.2010 - 18:31
Heaven Knight
This review shows things how they are, not like you see them...

for me was enough to listen to Enter and then compare it with this pseudo-symphonic...stuff
My rest seems now calm and deep
Finally I got my dead man sleep

14.02.2010 - 21:35
Rating: 7
Zmaj Ognjeni Vuk
To Mega Therion
Indeed, this album has its moments, but it's not on par with the previous stuff.

Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one, and they all stink.
01.09.2010 - 01:26
Rating: 7
Elyar S.
Gud är Död
I had the same feelings like Jeff for years but after I saw Black Symphony I changed my mind and liked their new music but to be honest even after that I didnt try to listen to their albums because thats absolutely true that they are really changed and commercial but its still its a good album in my opinion.
Kiss my ass if you dont like me, I dont care.
11.09.2010 - 03:30

Almost masterpiece 9/10
21.09.2010 - 13:32
Account deleted
This album is great...for curing insomnia.
31.10.2010 - 23:43
Rating: 8

A quite commersial and light listened album yes, but for the times I want something catchy and easy this album is great.
09.03.2012 - 21:20

While I agree somewhat with it, I must also say this has to be the worst review I've ever read.
04.10.2012 - 03:46
Account deleted
I agree with 99% of what you've said... I'm not saying this to look like a "tr00" metalhead, I'm just saying what I feel
11.03.2013 - 04:05

This is a good album, you are just puting your bias opinion up there. Just be open minded when you review it, also the band never wanted a larger audience, In a interview with the band I saw, Sharon and the members were not too happy with their style because "they did not want to be like all those other Gothic Metal bands" , they wanted to be special. Perhaps they were but just because the band change out their style doesn't necessarily mean they aimed for commercialism. I mean you can't blame them, blame the record company for "What Have You Done". Just like Nightwish with "Nemo". Why attack this band? I mean this album has so much creativity and shows Sharon's true potential. One of the worst reviews I've read so far from this website.
11.03.2013 - 20:46
Rating: 7
Free as a.. Fish
Written by BlackHalo83 on 11.03.2013 at 04:05

This is a good album, you are just puting your bias opinion up there. Just be open minded when you review it

A survival tip: don't use terms like "bias" or "lack of open mindedness" as a way of criticizing reviews you don't agree with. An unholy shitstorm may descend upon you.

Instead, learn to realize and live with the fact that people may hold different opinions. WT aren't exactly universally loved on Metal Storm.

Oh, and "Nemo" slaps "What Have You Done" silly.
11.03.2013 - 23:15

Written by Azarath on 11.03.2013 at 20:46

Written by BlackHalo83 on 11.03.2013 at 04:05

This is a good album, you are just puting your bias opinion up there. Just be open minded when you review it

A survival tip: don't use terms like "bias" or "lack of open mindedness" as a way of criticizing reviews you don't agree with. An unholy shitstorm may descend upon you.

Instead, learn to realize and live with the fact that people may hold different opinions. WT aren't exactly universally loved on Metal Storm.

Oh, and "Nemo" slaps "What Have You Done" silly.

Trust me I don't say this whenever a review is against my opinion, its just I really didn't like the review due to the fact that he was not mainly talking about the music. It just drives me nuts when people review an album and don't discuss the music as their #1 priority. Reviews are opinions I get that. But I don't see why music isn't the #1 priority in reviews.

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