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Various Artists - Metal Mania 2007 review

Band: Various Artists
Album: Metal Mania 2007
Release date: 2008

Disc I [DVD: Main stage]
01. Korpiklaani - Tuli Kokko
02. Korpiklaani - Pellonpekko
03. Korpiklaani - Wooden Pints
04. Crystal Abyss - Darkness Awakes
05. Darzamat - Labyrinth Of Anxiety
06. Darzamat - The Burning Times
07. Zyklon - Underdog
08. Zyklon - Wrenched
09. Zyklon - Psyklon Aeon
10. Vital Remains - Intro - Let The Killing Begin
11. Vital Remains - Dechristianize
12. Vital Remains - Infidel
13. Entombed - When In Sodom
14. Entombed - Carnage
15. Entombed - Revel In Flesh
16. Destruction - Total Disaster
17. Destruction - Bestial Invasion
18. Destruction - Nailed To The Cross
19. Blaze Bayley - Alive
20. Blaze Bayley - Kill & Destroy
21. Blaze Bayley - Sign Of The Cross
22. Sepultura - Convicted In Life
23. Sepultura - False
24. Sepultura - Dead.Embrionic.Cells
25. Paradise Lost - Say Just Words
26. Testament - The Preacher
27. Testament - The New Order
28. Testament - The Haunting
29. Testament - "Electric Crown"
30. Testament - "D.N.R."

Disc II [CD: side stage]
01. Carnal - My Salvation
02. Horrorscope - "Killers Breeding
03. Týr - Brother's Bane
04. Witchking - Flame Of Udun
05. Sphere - Next Morning's Mass
06. Deivos - Blackness Incarnate
07. Benediction - Suicide Rebellion
08. Forever Will Burn - It Ends In Darkness
09. Root - And They Are Silent
10. Ciryam - Łowcy Światła
11. WU-HAE - Pacan

Every New Year comes with its new version of the Metal Mania festival DVD! 2008 will not be different and yes my friends, you'll be able to watch one more time the recording of the Polish Festival! This "Metal Mania 2007" version is one more time excellent, full of great bands and with a video recording team which is probably one of the best nowadays. Don't expect any full length shows here but if you like good video compilation or if you were simply in the crowd of the Metal Mania 2007, this is a must!

Just have a look on the line-up of the festival and on the set-list of the DVD and you'll see that nothing is missing. Of course, we don't have more than three songs by bands (expect for the headliner of the festival, Testament) but it's not really problematic because it's a DVD about a festival anyway and the main goal of this recording is to show the ambiance of the event. This is perfectly done here one more time and obviously the festival was just excellent. I won't talk a lot about the bands which have played during the 2007 edition but some names like Entombed, Testament or Korpiklaani are still in my head. For sure, the bands played some wonderful shows.

The DVD as always, features video-recordings, but also a lot of different bonuses. The video recording and the sound are simply amazing; the Metal Mind production team is one of the best team to record concert. It's not really surprising to see that a lot of bands choose to record their DVD in Poland, they're simply sure that they will have the best. One more time, a CD with a sound recording of the bands which have played on the second stage is featured, this is a good bonus too. This DVD is not different of all the other recordings of the label (actually some concerts here are "samples" of official DVDs) this is professional as hell, and if you were at the festival last year, this DVD will be the better way to keep some good souvenirs.

The "Metal Mania 2007" DVD is a great compilation. This is maybe not a must if you're looking for real concert but if you like varied DVD or if you were in Poland last year I hope that you'll not miss this DVD. The "Metal Mania 2007" DVD is a lovely product and a good way to pass a great evening watching good Metal.

Written by Jeff | 07.04.2008


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08.04.2008 - 10:33
Retired Staff
how's the performance of Vital Remains? they're the band that interests me most from the bands featured on the dvd
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