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Silent Force - Worlds Apart review


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Band: Silent Force
Album: Worlds Apart
Style: Progressive power metal
Release date: September 2004

01. Ride The Storm
02. No One Lives Forever
03. Hold On
04. Once Again
05. Master Of My Destiny
06. Heroes
07. Death Comes In Disguise
08. Merry Minstrel
09. Spread Your Wings
10. Iron Hand
11. Heart Attack
12. Worlds Apart

That it takes time to create something you're satisfied with is usual, don't you think, and so did leaders in Silent Force think too, Alex Beyrodt and DC Cooper used three year before they were satisfied with their new album, three whole years.
So what we got after those three years is an album called "Worlds Apart", but have the ex- Royal Hunt vocalist and ex- Primal Fear guitarist succeeded to create something as good as the last album, "The Empire of Future"? We'll come to that.

Personally I've never been much for Silent Force, but I really like "The Empire of Future" and when I got the new album, I started to listen to the one before a couple of times before, to see if I could hear if the band had changed much or not.
And to my big surprise, I liked that album even more than before, I really got into it.
So I was a bit sceptic before listening to "Worlds Apart".

But when the first song started, "Ride the Storm", I could hear that the production part was better, much better, it's nearly perfect. But when I was expecting some kind of intro as on "The Empire of Future", the first song started with just an intro in the song, so no cool intro ala "The Empire of Future".
But musically it's good, very catchy; maybe not what I expected after the last album, this is more "usual" Power/Heavy, DC uses his voice more like an usual singer, that's both good and bad, because it's easier for a new fan to like this, I guess, than the last album.

And when the second song is starting, I thought for a while that I was listening to At Vance, because the music was very alike. But as soon DC started to sing, I was back in track, but only that the music was so alike, is quite scaring, it's like a sister song to "Only Human".
But once again, it's more usual, DC is singing cleaner nowadays, the music is very catchy and it will be easier to like this for new fans.

And so it goes, very catchy songs with cleaner vocals from DC Cooper, and I like it, very much. Because the catchiness is catching me, I like that, and when DC is singing like this, I hold him as one of the best singers in the genre.
But I really don't know how the fans will react, but hopefully they'll love it as I do, I mean, its good.

There's yet another thing I must mention before ending this review, it's the thing they do by adding famous melodies in their songs, there is two examples, in the songs "Death Comes in Disguise" and "Heart Attack", that's very cool (Check those up), because it's bringing forward a smile on my lips, good work guys.
But now, that's not the reason why I will say this, the reason is just because it's true.
"Worlds Apart" IS the best Silent Force album I heard, call it usual (as I did) call it typical Power/Heavy, it doesn't matter, this is good, this is catchy and this is the best album by Silent Force, this far.

Check Out: "No One Lives Forever", "Hold On", Master of My Destiny" and those two I mention above, "Death Comes in Disguise" & "Heart Attack".

Written by Malcolm | 26.09.2004


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18.01.2010 - 00:48
Rating: 9
Mountain King
K i K o
Amazing album...
25.09.2010 - 17:02
Rating: 9
Mountain King
K i K o
It deserves the 8.9

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