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Violet Sun - Loneliness In Supremacy review


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Band: Violet Sun
Album: Loneliness In Supremacy
Release date: November 2010

01. Dust In The Wind
02. Inside Out
03. Midnight [Instrumental]
04. When The Lights Go Down
05. Cross The Line
06. Falling In Love
07. Where Is My Way Home
08. My Flame Still Burns
09. Pray On The Grave
10. Break Your Chains
11. Synthetic Pleasures
12. Loneliness In Supremacy [Instrumental]

Progressive Symphonic metal
Recorded: Finnivox Studios, Finland 2010
Melodic Rock Records
Total Running Time: 01:00:45

I can't even remember the last time I was taken on a journey through the symphonic landscapes far beyond, where there is color and light all around you. I knew right from the beginning this album was different than the rest of the releases I've heard this year. Right from the start, there was this cherry blossom fragrance that heralded the special character of the album. Special because I knew this journey would take several attentive listens before it would sink in. Special because there is so much going on here, any description will be inaccurate.

After his break with Thy Majestie, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Dario Grillo kept himself busy with his new female-fronted band Violet Sun. Loneliness In Supremacy, the band's elegant debut, makes you dig through layers and layers of symphonic edges that draw up the blueprint, enough progressive hooks to prevent the album from being easy digestible, and even a few gothic abstracts which give color to the darker sides of the album.

Clearly Grillo had still many more bright ideas up his sleeve, as Loneliness In Supremacy abounds in creativity, variety and versatility. As a not so unfortunate side-effect, the album goes through several ups and downs; some parts will take you by storm while the more progressive parts are more resistant and engulfed in a thick blanket of fog to cut you off.

Further on, Loneliness In Supremacy excels in the most important aspect of flirting: being a tease. Various healing melodies are designed to appeal to the audience's emotions, but the next moment the more complex arrangements work repelling and push the listener around like a demented pinball. And also the seducing interplay between the wide and dynamic range of clean male and female vocals works enchanting.

Loneliness In Supremacy is a still-evolving journey. At one point I thought I had reached the heart of the album, where seemingly unrelated emotions are woven together. But then that thrill was gone as quickly as it had come, entangled in debris, and I knew I had to start all over again. A real tease indeed.

Written by Thryce | 13.07.2010


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14.07.2010 - 07:23
Got Mayhem?

Sounds like a good trip...I guess I'll have to listen to it to find out what this is all about.
14.07.2010 - 11:30
Dark Blood
The Avenger
This looks interesting from what I've heard (Falling in Love and When The Lights Go Down). Nice enchanting melodies. Though the female voice could be better IMO. Maybe I'll get into it with time.
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