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Humanity's Last Breath - Välde

7.5 | 51 votes |
Release date: 12 February 2021
Style: Technical deathcore, Djent


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01. Dödsdans
02. Glutton
03. Earthless
04. Descent
05. Spectre
06. Dehumanize
07. Hadean
08. Tide
09. Väldet
10. Sirens
11. Futility
12. Vittring

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It is a bit weird seeing a Lewandowski cover art for a deathcore album, but Välde is monolithic enough to earn it.

published 23.02.2021 | Comments (2)

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12.02.2021 - 16:41
Rating: 8

I feel like I've found more deathcore albums in the last 18 months that I've really dug than in the previous decade; the extreme parts rip, the breakdowns are generally satisfying, the melodic inclinations (particularly on songs like Tide) work very nicely and the symphonic elements, whilst not nearly as prominent as in Shadow Of Intent or Lorna Shore, do add to the album, emphazising how well the two sounds seem to work together. I don't think is quite as good as Immortal or Melancholy, but I can definitely see myself returning to it
13.02.2021 - 01:58

There's a huge decline in the artwork's quality from Lewandowski on this one. Can't stand the music attached to it anyways.
"If people kept things simple, there would be no discoveries in the world. If scientists said, "The brain is just a brain" and not take it by small segments and labeling it - We would not have come as far. Labels are necessary. Music is sci
02.02.2022 - 17:50

I really like the way this album sounds, so thick and heavy, lots of riffs sounded great, but I somehow felt fatigued halfway through it. I think I would enjoy it more with some lighter moments to contrast with the heaviness and give my ears a rest. But I'm no deathcore nor djent fan to begin with.

Anyway, I'm quite curious about the ongoing evolution of Deathcore towards darker realms!

One big complaint I'd have about the album is the poor use of fade outs to close songs. In general I think this a pretty lazy and disappointing way to end a song and would rather have basic drum fill than a fade out. But many bands manage to make it somehow smooth by fading out only a couple instruments, or making the whole thing last long enough.
Here, my attention was caught several times by the very abrupt decline of volume to end a song. It is way too fast, and feels very clumsy, rushed, cheap ..
14.02.2022 - 15:00
Rating: 6

The vocals are good, sound/mix is quality job and the idea is exciting but despite all of this, the final product is terrible for my ears. when you go djent or dissonant stuff, i guess you have to calm down sometimes and have a solid structure of the songs to keep the listener engaged unlike in other easy to listen stuff. you have to have a backbone or a main idea to visit sometimes throughout the song. otherwise it becomes a muddy, messy journey like this. an opposite, good example for this would be archspire's latest album. nevertheless, i will keep an eye on them for their future work. they got the potential for sure.

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