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Void Of Silence - Criteria Ov 666

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Release date: 2002
Style: Doom metal


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01. Opus I Velocity.Electricity.TV Necro
02. Opus II With No Half Measure
03. Opus III Anthem For Doomed Youth
04. Opus IV Anger
05. Opus V The Ultimate Supreme Intelligence
06. Opus VI Nothing Immortal
07. Opus VII Victory!
08. Opus VIII Universal Separation
09. Opus IX XTC Elevation Trip

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This is the second album of the Italian Doomed Ones Void Of Silence. War inspired Funeral Doom from Italy, what will this mix bring us? It is a bit different from their début album, a sign of the changes that became significant with their third offering: 'Human Anthesis'.

While their first album was average but well executed Funeral Doom with some Black Metal screams here and there, it was mainly dominated by a weird type of wailing vocals. These vocals are much more in the background on this second album, and that is something that somewhat made them lose their only originality. They replace it with a more militant approach though. A good example is the song 'Anthem For Doomed Youth' (with lyrics derived from a poem from Wilfred Owen, a soldier and critic of the First World War.)

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02.10.2014 - 23:15
Rating: 7
Erik M.

Definitely not as good as their last two albums, which are both magnificent.

This is an interesting album that definitely portrays this band's sound well, but musically it's "all over the place" I feel, especially in comparison to the later releases which are extremely consistent all the way through. Glad they more or less chose to do away with the growls/screams because to be honest they sound kind of bad, as in so over-the-top and overly present that they even sound annoying at times. That being said, the "wailing" vocals (as Lucas calls them) are great and really well done in my opinion.

Overall a good album though.

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