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Insomnium - Shadows Of The Dying Sun

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Release date: 25 April 2014
Style: Melodic death metal


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Disc I
01. The Primeval Dark
02. While We Sleep
03. Revelation
04. Black Heart Rebellion
05. Lose To Night
06. Collapsing Words
07. The River
08. Ephemeral
09. The Promethean Song
10. Shadows Of The Dying Sun

Disc II
01. Out To The Sea
02. The Emergence
03. The Swarm
04. The Descent

The Best Melodeath / Extreme Power / Gothenburg Metal Album Of 2014
Top 20 albums of 2014: 2

Additional info
Recorded at Studio Korkeakoski.
Drums recorded at Studio SF Sound by Kimmo Perkkiö.
Other instruments recorded at Studio Korkeakoski by Teemu Aalto.

Mixed at Fascination Street Studios by André Alvinzi.
Mastered at Chartmakers by Svante Forsbäck.

Artwork by Wille Naukkarinen.

Tracks 2-4 on the second disc comes from the band's 2013 EP, Ephemeral.

Staff review by
With Insomnium no longer having the service of guitarist Ville Vänni and his replacement by Markus Vanhala, the lead guitarist of Omnium Gatherum, Shadows Of The Dying Sun presents the possibility of a merging of the titans, so to speak. However, their sixth full length studio effort is no less Insomnium in style and execution than what preceded it, which means we're granted yet another excellent album from this premier melodic death metal band.

published 23.04.2014 | Comments (42)

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07.01.2015 - 10:11
Rating: 9
Written by deadone on 06.01.2015 at 01:35

Thanks for suggesations. Sylosis keeps popping up which makes me curious.

You're welcome.


I've stated reasons why I don't like Insomnium. I am entitled to my opinions as you are to yours. I can't help it if you get offended by someone elses opinions.

Fair enough.. And where as the offence is concerned, ofc you needn't worry about users. I only highlighted something you said that offends the website's posting policy.. I felt that was a reasonable concern we should help ourselves to.
19.01.2015 - 06:52
Rating: 10
Something about this album really "stuck" with me. Easily my favorite album of 2014.
09.02.2015 - 05:23
Rating: 10
Mediocre at best rather listen to Amon Amarth any day
10.05.2015 - 06:47
Rating: 8
Written by deadone on 06.01.2015 at 01:35

I don't find Carcass generic at all though some of their songs are generic Carcass numbers. Carcass have their own sound that's instantly recognisable unlike the many bands that have come out since the mid-1990s that often just aped At The Gates or whatever. And I don't hear their own sound in Insomnium. It sounds like a lot of other modern melodic DM.

I've stated reasons why I don't like Insomnium. I am entitled to my opinions as you are to yours. I can't help it if you get offended by someone elses opinions.

I just saw Insomnium live yesterday, and although most of their songs are pretty samey, they are good live. Seeing them live might change your opinion.

Also, some suggestions that surprisingly didn't show up above.

In Mourning (very consistent and catchy, even though the last was a bit weaker), Avatar (First three, last two sucks), Baht (Very very good), Daath (a bit run-of-the-mill perhaps, but enjoyable), Deathember (Highly recommended, more thrashy though, I guess), Enthrope, In Vain (Please listen to these guys, highly inventive style), MyGrain (Split up a while ago though...)
29.09.2015 - 03:18
Rating: 9
I like it so much more than the previous one! This is already my favorite Insomnium album.
11.12.2019 - 16:41
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
Good one but somehow last 2 was what i listened most and can discuss most, this is still some older sound IMO
I stand whit Ukraine and Israel. They have right to defend own citizens.

Stormtroopers of Death - "Speak English or Die"

I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
08.04.2020 - 22:14
Rating: 7
Written by [user id=248801] on 08.04.2020 at 21:53

(albeit the great moments are almost exculsively found on tracks 1-4 imo).

I disagree. For me the standout songs are the final two. Overall, I dont care very much about this album, it is good at best.
19.02.2023 - 22:51
Rating: 7
Strong start but drags near the end. "Ephemeral" is a banger tho

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