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1997-  Niilo Sevänen - vocals, bass
1997-  Markus Hirvonen - drums
1997-2008  Ville-Petri Friman - guitars
› 2009-  -//- guitars, vocals
2011-  Markus Vanhala - guitars
2019-  Jani Liimatainen - guitars, vocals
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1997-1998  Tapani Pesonen - drums, guitars
1998-2001  Timo Partanen - guitars
2001-2011  Ville Vänni - guitars
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2002  Varpu Vahtera - keyboards
2004  Laura Naire - cello
2004  Jone Väänänen - keyboards
2009  Aleksi Munter - keyboards
› 2014  -//-
› 2016  -//-
› 2019  -//-
2011  Tuomas Jäppinen - guitars
2015  Mike Bear - vocals, bass
2015  Jani Liimatainen - guitars, vocals
› 2017-2018  -//-
2015  Nick Cordle - guitars
› 2022  -//-
2015  Kari Olli - guitars, vocals
2004  Aleksi Munter - keyboards
2009  Jules Näveri - vocals
2011  Daniel Antonsson - guitars
2011  Mikael Stanne - vocals

Latest reviews

This song must be over one and a half hour long... What? "Four track EP?" Oh, I see: though each chapter is a captivating composition with its own character, the four combine into a novella rather than an anthology. Argent Moon is more than the sum of its parts, and I've been listening for hours.
Review by Netzach ››
I'm having a grade A bruh moment here. Fanboy time!
Review by RaduP ››
With Insomnium no longer having the service of guitarist Ville Vänni and his replacement by Markus Vanhala, the lead guitarist of Omnium Gatherum, Shadows Of The Dying Sun presents the possibility of a merging of the titans, so to speak. However, their sixth full length studio effort is no less Insomnium in style and execution than what preceded it, which means we're granted yet another excellent album from this premier melodic death metal band.
Review by R'Vannith ››
If I were to ask you what makes a great Metal band, the answer should be pretty much the same across the board: great albums. In truth, a series of great albums that follow the same structure yet manage to be different enough to be individual works while...
Review by Dream Taster ››

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