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Avantasia - Ghostlights

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Release date: 29 January 2016
Style: Symphonic power metal


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Disc I
01. Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose
02. Let The Storm Descend Upon You
03. The Haunting
04. Seduction Of Decay
05. Ghostlights
06. Draconian Love
07. Master Of The Pendulum
08. Isle Of Evermore
09. Babylon Vampyres
10. Lucifer
11. Unchain The Light
12. A Restless Heart And Obsidian Skies
13. Wake Up To The Moon [digibook edition bonus]

Disc II [digibook edition bonus] [live]
01. Spectres
02. Invoke The Machine
03. The Story Ain't Over
04. Prelude
05. Reach Out For The Light
06. Avantasia
07. What's Left Of Me
08. Dying For An Angel
09. Twisted Mind
10. The Watchmakers' Dream
11. Another Angel Down

The Best Power Metal Album Of 2016

Tobias Sammet - vocals, additional bass, additional keyboards
Michael "Miro" Rodenberg - keyboards, orchestration
Sascha Paeth - guitars, bass, keyboards

Additional musicians:
Jørn Lande - vocals
Paul Christensen - vocals
Robert Mason - vocals
David Daniel Snider - vocals
Michael Kiske - vocals
Geoff Tate - vocals
Herbie Langhans - vocals
Sharon Janny den Adel - vocals
Marko Hietala - vocals
Bob Catley - vocals
Oliver Hartmann - guitars, backing vocals
Bruce Kulick - guitars
Felix Bohnke - drums
Cloudy Yang - backing vocals
Clara Habekost - additional backing vocals

Additional info
The 3-CD deluxe edition book includes:
- a 68 page photo book ca. 28.5 x 28.5cm
- the karaoke version of CD 1 without the bonus track as a separate disc

Produced by Tobias Sammet and Sascha Paeth.
Engineered and mixed by Sascha Paeth.
Mastered by Michael Rodenberg.

Staff review by
Over the last few albums, Avantasia have softened and smoothed out - matured, perhaps - and they arrive in Ghostlights a much different beast from the brash power project born the better part of two decades ago. Modern Avantasia sounds more "symphonic rock musical" than "metal opera." No harm done, though - it's only different, not worse.

published 01.03.2016 | Comments (8)

Guest review by
Ghostlights is an album that for some reason never really clicked with me, something that actually surprises me to this day, because on paper I should absolutely love this album. Good lyrics, very good musicianship, great production should result in an album that I like. Instead it resulted in Ghostlights being an album that I neither love, nor hate.

published 21.08.2017 | Comments (7)

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05.09.2016 - 11:03

Perhaps the best Avantasia album to date. A masterpiece.
21.08.2017 - 14:27
Rating: 9

It took me a few listens to really appreciate this album, but now I consider it to be the best since The Scarecrow
21.01.2018 - 04:25
Rating: 7

Some songs had pretty catchy choruses.
21.01.2018 - 04:25
Rating: 7

Some songs had pretty catchy choruses.
12.01.2020 - 20:22
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
Written by Grundy on 05.09.2016 at 11:03

Perhaps the best Avantasia album to date. A masterpiece.

Yes we can say so
Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose, Let The Storm Descend Upon You and specially Draconian love stands out
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Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''
I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
18.05.2021 - 15:04
Rating: 8

Yes, another good piece of art off them.
26.11.2022 - 12:02
Rating: 8
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