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Lascaille's Shroud - The Tiger's Daughter

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Release date: 28 December 2018
Style: Progressive death metal


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01. The Tiger's Daughter

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Cover art: Bo Bradshaw

Concept album based on the book ''The Tiger's Daughter" by K. Arsenault Rivera


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04.10.2018 - 07:21
China was a neat
"After what feels like too long a wait, I finally get to release the details of Lascaille's Shroud fourth album.

"The Tiger's Daughter" is a single song album, based on the book of the same name by author K. Arsenault Rivera. The story I'm actually not going to spend much time summarizing here. For me, it wasn't important to convey every detail of the story (for I omit so much, even with a 43:00 run-time), but instead, it was important for me to recreate what I felt while reading the novel and while I experienced the story.

A song based on a book is nothing quite new, but for me, this whole process was exceedingly different. I picked up Rivera's novel earlier this year after falling in love with the cover illustration, and finding the synopsis more than a little interesting. After that, I couldn't stop. You'll notice from the album art (once again done by Bo Bradshaw) that is a thematic departure for Lascaille's Shroud�gone are the cyberpunk vistas and ravenous sentient alien machinery, and in their place are fantastical characters, gods and goddesses, demons, archers, and swordswomen.

I wrote this song as I read the novel. A day that I read any amount of this book was a day I recorded music as well, no exceptions. I would read about 60-100 pages, then I would sit down and write anywhere from 8-12 minutes of music. When I began writing this album/song, I had no idea where it would go�not until I had read the next part of the book, anyway.

The novel itself is beautiful, I can't speak highly enough of it. I haven't even picked up the second book, refusing to read it until this was project was done. While the subject matter is probably not what you'll expect from prog-leaning death metal, I hope you all will enjoy my recreation of its themes nonetheless.

I don't know what to tell you to expect, unfortunately. Big ugly riffs, plenty of grandiose leads, synthesizers, ethnic instruments, tons of layers. It's hard for me to describe my own music, always has been. I can't recite the typical "heaviest album yet" and "most unique X since Y" or whatever�I'm garbage at this. What I can tell you though, is that it's important. Yes, all my albums are important to me in many ways, but this one for more than sheer pride and accomplishment. More than being technically and sonically better than anything I've done.

This album and song are important because Rivera's novel was critical for me. It's written by a person in a demographic that isn't widely enough appreciated in their chosen field of work, and her words are just searing, unyielding proof that accepting and listening to new voices in the world are a critical part of learning and developing. As both a writer and a musician, I adored and fawned over her work. While I cannot speak with the voice she speaks, I can attempt to express how much I learned from listening to her, and in the process hopefully convey some of what she taught me.

"The Tiger's Daughter," out on December 14th, 2018

Audio clip live on YouTube:

Album available for digital pre-order at bandcamp:�/the-tigers-daughter

"Without you, I am in the dark. It has been so long, Shizuka, that I might mistake a candle for the sun.""

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04.10.2018 - 16:17
Meat and Potatos
Awww this song gives the feels. Good to see this guy is still getting better
Rose is red, violet is blue. Flag is win, Baba is you.

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