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Rolo Tomassi


2005-  James Spence - vocals, synths
2005-  Eva Spence - vocals
2012-  Chris Cayford - guitars
2012-  Nathan Fairweather - bass
2018-  Al Pott - drums
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2005-2011  Joseph Thorpe - bass
2005-2013  Edward Dutton - drums
2011-2012  Joe Nicholson - guitars
2014-2018  Tom Pitts - drums
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What’s the hardest part of releasing a masterpiece? Following it up.   Review by musclassia ››
Is there even such a thing as originality in music anymore? Is it unrealistic to aspire towards perfection? When I find myself pondering questions such as these, I listen to Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It.   Review by musclassia ››

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