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2004-  Dave Rotten - vocals
2004-2009  Vicente J. Paya - guitars
› 2022-  -//- bass
2014-  Salva Esteban - guitars
2023-  GoG - drums
2023-  Ancor Ramírez Santana - guitars
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2009-2010  Ricardo Moreno - guitars
2012-2023  Miguel Bárez - guitars
2013-2022  Daniel Fernández - bass
2014-2023  Jorge Utrera - drums
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2017  Juancar - guitars

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World peace and political accountability would be a terrible thing for thrash metal, leaving bands scrambling around for inspiration and imagery on which to base their output. Thankfully for bands like Holycide, they aren't likely to being made redundant anytime soon; a good thing for them, too, as otherwise Towards Idiocracy would be pretty devoid of content.
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