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Ereb Altor


2003-2011  Ragnar - drums, keyboards
› 2011-  -//- bass, guitars, vocals
2003-2011  Mats - all instruments, vocals
› 2011-  -//- bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals
2012-  Tord - drums
2023-  Björn - bass
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2014-2022  Mikael - bass, vocals
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2013-2014  Jimmy Mattsson - bass
2022  Björn - bass
2008  Per Nilsson - guitars
› 2013  -//- guitar solo
2008  Jonas Lindström - keyboards
2022  Lars Are Nedland - hammond organ
2022  Jimmy Mattsson - backing vocals

Latest reviews

Grab your leather-bound book of runes, and let's go camping in the mystical forest up north. It is pagan black metal time.
Review by Dream Taster ››
From Gefle, Sweden hail Ereb Altor, a band playing a mix of pagan and black metal, with their new album Nattramn. Many people compare them with the almighty Bathory, their epic and pagan era to be precise. If this holds true we shall find out, but what can already be said is that the music is indeed epic.
Review by Windrider ››
As redundant as the whole Viking/Norse Mythology theme can get within metal, every now and then you see a band come along who actually do make it interesting, and inject the cliché nature of it with a strong, focused sense of direction. While Fire...
Review by Auntie Sahar ››

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