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Also known as Forlorn (1990 - 2004)

Country: Sweden
Label: Hammerheart Records

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Formed in: 1990

1990-Epic doom metal
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1990-2004  Crister Olsson - guitars
› 2004-  -//- guitars, vocals
1990-2004  Daniel Bryntse - drums, vocals
› 2004-  -//- guitars, vocals
2013-  Jimmy Mattsson - bass
2014-  Victor Parri - drums
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1991  Kim Molin - drums
1991-1992  Magnus Helin - guitars
1991-1995  Jan Larsson - bass
1992-1996  Magnus Björk - guitars, vocals
1995-2003  Per Sandgren - guitars
1995-2004  Henrik "Henka" Lindenmo - bass
› 2004-2010  -//- bass, vocals
› 2011-2013  -//-
2004-2014  Jonas Lindström - drums
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2008  Marie Thornesköld - vocals
2010-2011  Kristofer Elemyr - bass
2012-2013  Jimmy Mattsson - bass
2009  Per Nilsson - guitars

Latest reviews

The Calm Hunter meanders as it seeks out more melodious terrain for Isole's doom metal. This decision brings with it an inconsistency in the catalogue of the Swedes, who have maintained a style of their own under the Isole name ever since their debut in 2005.
Review by R'Vannith ››
Born From Shadows is already the fifth album from Swedish epic doom metallers Isole (the band was initialy formed in 1990 under the name of Forlorn). Sadly and despite solid previous releases, the band is still not very well-known. Maybe this Born From...
Review by White Winter Sun ››
All fans of old Candlemass and While Heaven Wept can stop reading now and can safely go to the record store to get their mitts on Throne Of Void by Isole. What we have here is a very well-balanced slab of epic doom metal. As usual in this genre originality...
Review by Marcel Hubregtse ››

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