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Country: USA
Labels: Sword Worship
No Remorse Records

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Formed in: 2012

2012-US power metal
2012-Heavy metal
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2012-  Jason Christopher Tarpey - vocals
2013-  Blake Ibanez - guitars
2015-  Nujon Powers - guitars
2015-2018  Arthur Rizk - drums, bass, keyboards, guitars
› 2018-  -//- drums
2018-  Brad Raub - bass
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2012-2013  Wade Allison - guitars
2012-2013  Bongo Brungardt - drums
2012-2013  Christian Larson - guitars
2012-2015  Sean Weingartner - bass
2013-2015  Van Darden - drums
2013-2017  Carlos Llanas - guitars
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It has boobs on the cover art. It is fantasy-themed and Michael Moorcock-influenced. It has vocals drenched in reverb. It begins with hammer and anvil sounds.

I could have finished the review right here but I had to write another 1000 words to explain why, even though I do like Ravening Iron, I cannot agree with it being on almost every year-end list I have seen.
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