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Freak Kitchen

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Country: Sweden
Label: Thunderstruck

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Formed in: 1992

1992-1994Melodic hard rock
1994-Progressive hard rock


1992-  Mattias "IA" Eklundh - vocals, guitars
2000-  Björn Fryklund - drums
2000-  Christer Örtefors - bass, vocals
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1992-2000  Joakim Sjöberg - drums, vocals
1992-2000  Christian Grönlund - bass, vocals
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1994  Torben Schmidt - vocals
2000  Amanda Grönlund - vocals
2000  Zara - backing vocals
2005  Ron Thal - vocals, guitars
2009  V. Selvaganesh - kanjeera
2009  Neyveli S. Radhakrishna - double violin
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Latest reviews

I've been spinning the new Freak Kitchen album for a while now. I've liked it since the moment I got over the initial prejudiced impression, which was at about a second spin. Yet, strangely, even after repeated listens, I'm still at a loss as to how to describe this album. With all the thinking and back catalogue revisits, I've managed to come up with two terms to stick on it: vintage and old. It'll take some explaining how these two terms relate to the album and, more importantly, why specifically these two.
Review by Ivor ››
Freak Kitchen is back and it seems that things are changing for them! First some big labels became more and more interested in the combo (Roadrunner Records in France for example) and some rumors even say that the band should play in some big summer festivals...
Review by Jeff ››
Holy Cow!!! The new Freak Kitchen is out guys!!! You cannot even imagine how much I was awaiting "Organic", the new album of my favourite band. Maybe that some of you don't know them yet (I don't know why and how?), but that's...
Review by Jeff ››
"Freak Kitchen" is the 3rd album of the band and we will find two really important new things in it. The apparition of the best in my opinion version of the symbol of the band: the yellow cow on the cover of the album and the apparition of...
Review by Jeff ››

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