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Country: Cyprus
Label: Pitch Black Records

Links: Myspace

Formed in: 2003

2003-Heavy metal
2003-Thrash metal


2003-  Andreas Paraschos - vocals, bass
2003-  George Masouras - guitars
2008-  Alex Iacovou - drums
2022-  Andreas Hadjipandelis - guitars
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2003  Liras - guitar
2003  Vakis - drums
2003-2008  Andreas Koumis - drums
2003-2022  Constantinos Constantinou - guitars
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2012  Sakis Tolis - additional vocals

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Three years after the release of their first (really good) demo, Blynd from Cyprus is back! Their new released is called "The Human Touch" and like on "Embraced And Abandoned", the band still plays a kind of modern Thrash. It's...
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Blynd is a young band that comes from Cyprus. That's not so easy to classify their music, actually they play a mix between Thrash, Death and even Progressive metal on some parts of the songs. Even if the album suffers of an average production (but...
Review by Jeff ››

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