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Also known as Underwise, Kenòs

Country: Italy
Label: My Kingdom Music

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Formed in: 1996

1996- Progressive death metal
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1996-  Domenico Conte - guitars
1996-  Marcello Fachin - bass
1996-  Sergio Gasparini - drums
2011-  Michele Spallieri - vocals
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1999-2012  Jaco Pisciotta - guitars
2003-2011  Alessio Giudice - vocals
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Latest reviews

Let's see, what's this? I can't read the first letter of the logo on the cover art - adorned by a statue(?) with ugly tits and a weird hairdo - but the info sheet tells me the band's called Kenos. The info sheet also tells me that...
Review by Bas ››
Mirror Mirror on the wall?

Kenos is on of those bands that play music and doesn't realize the important fact that everything goes through the eyes first. The first thing that went through my eyes before listening this record was the horrible cover...
Review by Undercraft ››

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