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Country: Poland
Labels: No Solace
Northern Heritage Records

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Formed in: 2000

2000-Black metal
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2000-  M - bass, guitars, vocals
2006-  Darkside - drums
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2000-2006  Daren - drums
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2012-  Michał Stępień - bass
2012-2015  Silencer - guitars
2015-  E.V.T. - guitars

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You've heard black metal albums beginning with spits, shrieks, growls and all sorts of sounds that the human mouth can make. Age Of Excuse kicks off with E.V.T. -the guitarist of Medico Peste who also performs live with Mgła- gnashing his teeth.
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Mgla's Presence is the latest obscure underground black metal oddity that has reached me through various strange channels and while it is in no way ground breaking or innovative, it does at least to some extent challenge my usual assertion that black...
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