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Country: Czech Republic
Labels: MetalGate Records
Obscene Productions

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Formed in: 1994
Disbanded in: 2014

1994-2014 Death metal
1994-2014 Grindcore


1994-2014  Petr Kartak - drums
1997-2004  Tomas "Chymus" Hanzl - vocals
› 2004-2014  -//-
2001-2014  Mira "F.C." Prokes - guitars
2003-2014  Daniel Vicek - bass
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1994  Hlen - drums
1994  Micula "Milan" Parva - guitars, vocals
1994-1997  Graf Cornifer - vocals
1994-2005  Bambus - guitars
1995-1997  Freiherr Crescention - bass
1995-1999  Marquis "Paul The Whiper" Paolo - guitars
1999-2003  Patrik "Vlakin" "Trainin" Stanek - bass, vocals
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1997  Klara - keyboards, vocals
1999  Dave Goregrave - bass

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Now this is what I call brutal stuffed Grindcore; Isacaarum is an old band hailing from the great Czech scene, represented, of course, by one of the best extreme labels out there (Obscene Productions). They gave us Curbed and Cunt Hackers and after a...   Review by Herzebeth ››
I haven't entirely figured out why I like Isacaarum this much, it's maybe their sickening concept what keeps me reading their lyrics over and over again, or maybe the fact that the drumming is so repetitive and crushing that makes me wonder...   Review by Herzebeth ››


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