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Legion Of The Damned

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Also known as Occult (1992-2005)

Country: The Netherlands
Label: Napalm Records

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Formed in: 2005

2005-Death metal
2005-Thrash metal
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2005-  Maurice Swinkels - vocals
2005-  Erik Fleuren - drums
2006-  Harold Gielen - bass
2011-  Twan Van Geel - guitars
2020-  Fabian Verweij - guitars
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2005-2006  Twan Fleuren - bass
2005-2011  Richard Ebisch - guitars
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2012-2017  Hein Willekens - guitars
2017-2020  Fabian Verweij - guitars
2008  Martin Van Drunen - additional vocals
2011  Peter Tägtgren - vocals

Latest reviews

Consistency is an overlooked quality in music: the ability to know that, when a band's name adorns the cover of an album, that said album will be good. Legion Of The Damned are one of these bands, one who have long put out enjoyable albums since their re-branding way back in 2005. While they may not be the most groundbreaking records, you know you will have fun when pressing play. The Poison Chalice, in turn, keeps this streak going, with yet another fun collection of thrash dipped in death metal.
Review by omne metallum ››
Ravenous Plague is, through and through, a pretty good album. The riffing will snag you with all its barbs and rusted hooks, and it'll hurt in a pretty good kind of way. Legion Of The Damned make pretty solid tunes.

This is just missing something is all, and I don't know exactly what that something is. There's a lacking x-factor here somewhere.
Review by wormdrink414 ››

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