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Country: Norway
Label: Agonia Records

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Formed in: 1993

1993-Blackened death metal
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1993-  Ares - guitars, vocals
2007-  Phobos - drums
2013-  Eld - bass
2019-  Gorm - guitars
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1993  Vassago Rex - drums
1993-1996  Ørjan - bass
1994-2006  Erik Heggernes - drums
1995-2001  Nicola Trier - bass, keyboards, piano
1999-2004  Lava - guitars
2001-2012  V'gandr - bass
2004-2005  Stian Johannessen (I) - guitar
2005-2010  Dag Terje Anderson - guitar
2006-2007  S. Winter - drums
2010-2017  Tim "Specter" - guitar
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2012  Błażej Kazimierz Adamczuk - bass
2018-2019  Gorm - guitars
1997  Svartalv - vocals
1997  Kristian Nordeide - celtic harp
› 1998  -//- lute, viella a'roue, clarsach, crwth, lyre, guitar, dronepipes, piano
1998  Janto Garmanslund - vocals

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Did you know blackened death also has a softer, more melodic side? Yes it's true, Aeternus even introduce elements of folk to this brutal subgenre, as this is their philosophy.
Review by AndyMetalFreak ››
Here we have a new and huge compilation from the Dutch Hammerheart Records.
Huge indeed, because the songs, divided into 2 CDs are a total of 32 for 32 different bands.

The Label, founded in 1995, have interests in the Black, Death, Doom sections mainly,...
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Vicious, timeless, and like a wall of fire that appears to dance in your eyes as it suffocates you, ...And So The Night Became does not just retell epic battles of mere mortals, it personifies the essence of chaotic warfare with the superiority of a pitiless,...
Review by Jason W. ››

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