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Forgotten Tomb


1999-  Herr Morbid - guitars, vocals
2003-  Algol - bass
2003-  Asher - drums
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2003-2011  Razor SK - guitars
2011-2017  A. - guitars
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2003  Ted Wedebrand - drums
2004  Nordvargr - programming
2018-  Monarch - guitars
2019-  Jöschu Käser - guitars

Latest reviews

Forgotten Tomb is a pretty easy band to nail musically. Whether it's their early-Katatonia era worship or the more recent ones which bring some rocking attitude to melodic black metal, and I really like them both even if they're not extremely original.
Review by Ag Fox ››
Boom boom, piñata! Four years after Negative Megalomania we've got visitors again! Forgotten Tomb are here once again with Under Saturn Retrograde being the fifth part of their legacy to date and for the first time we can see some color on...
Review by KwonVerge ››
After the fantastic "Springtime Depression" this is the great come back, always through the French label Adipocere Records, of the Italian master of the depressive music, Forgotten Tomb. "Springtime Depression" was like a revelation...
Review by Jeff ››
The extreme side of Italian metal seems alive and well. 2003 has been the year of Forgotten Tomb, who released their second full-length album. Most of extreme Italian bands, even if they don't really play the same style, have in common a certain...
Review by Deadsoulman ››

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