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Also known as Powerage ('98-'01)

Country: Sweden
Label: Ram It Down Records

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Formed in: 1998

1998- Power metal
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1999-2008  Magnus Winterwild - vocals
› 2008-  -//- vocals, bass
2005-  Joakim Jonsson - guitars
2009-  Jens Klovegård - guitars
2019-  Hampus Fasth - drums
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1998-2006  Magnus Ek - bass
1999-2005  Thomas Eriksson - guitars
1999-2005  Peter "Peppe" Johansson - guitars
1999-2006  Pontus Jansson - drums
2006-2008  Thomas Ohlsson - drums
2006-2008  Henrik Sedell - bass
2008-2018  Adam Lindberg - drums
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Axenstar is one of those solid power metal bands that have established themselves firmly in the genre. They have many followers and some people consider Axenstar favorites, yet they are not quite one of the giants. It's albums like this, however,...   Review by Susan ››
Sweden's Axenstar released their second (and best) release "Far From Heaven" in 2003 and in addition they became rather famous, in both good and bad ways.
People called them Sonata/Nightwish rip-offs and some called them great.
I was one...   Review by Malcolm ››

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