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Thy Majestie

47 fans
Also known as Thy Majesty

Country: Italy
Label: Scarlet Records

Links: Official website

Formed in: 1998

1998-Symphonic power metal


1998-  Claudio Diprima - drums
1999-  Dario D'Alessandro - bass
2007-  Simone Campione - guitars
2009-  Giuseppe Carrubba - keyboard
2010-  Alessio Taormina - vocals
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1998-2003  Dario Grillo - vocals
› 2006-2007  -//-
1998-2007  Giovanni Santini - guitars
1998-2008  Maurizio Malta - guitars
1998-2012  Giuseppe Bondì - keyboards
2003-2004  Gabriele Grilli - vocals
2004-2006  Giulio Di Gregorio - vocals
2006  Matt Aub - vocals
2007-2010  Dario Cascio - vocals
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2007  Simone Campione - guitars
2007  Simone Campione - guitars
2012  Fabio Lione - vocals

Latest reviews

I have to admit, I was rather sceptical when I first picked up Thy Majestie's latest album ShiHuangDi. Not that I am familiar with the band's previous material, but it's just that I saw them labelled as "symphonic power metal" and they come from Italy, which led me to think of the massive block of cheese called Rhapsody Of Fire. However, I gave this album a shot anyway in my quest for some quality power metal, which has become rather difficult in recent years.
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