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1991-  Bobby Ferry - guitars, vocals
2013-  Barney Firks - bass
2013-  Dion M. Thurman - drums
2017-  Alexander "Alex" Shuster - guitars
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1991-1992  Benji Clark - bass
1991-1994  Jason Corley - drums
› 2007-2009  -//-
1991-2020  Cris Jerue - vocals
1992  Greg Burkhart - bass
1992-1993  Mike Morris - bass
1993-2013  Tony Baumeister - bass
1995-1998  Andy Hassler - drums
1995-2004  Phil Vera - guitar, vocals
1998-1999  R.D. Davies - drums
1999-2004  Mark Sanger - drums
2002-2003  Niall McGaughey - bass
2003-2004  Rafael Martinez - bass
2009-2013  Mateo Pinkerton - drums
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Anger, frustration, despair and addiction. 16 (or -(16)- as it's stylized) have been spewing intensely bitter sludge for about three decades. Dream Squasher is no different. If anything it made them more bitter.
Review by RaduP ››
This is one of those albums that every instinct in your body is telling you that you should be loving this (if you love sludge metal, that is.) On a quick, initial listen, it's got more groove than you could ask for, it's got the perfect level of grittiness, and it's all delivered through some very infectious riffs. It seems like it serves up everything necessary to make a great sludge album, but fails to go any steps past that.
Review by Doc G. ››
16 (Sixteen) is angry, pissed off and drunk. They're American, released albums with titles such as Drop Out and songs with titles as 'Skin & Bones' and 'So Broken Down'. So what does that tell us? Sludge. Sludge bloody sludge....
Review by Lucas ››

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