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Brutal Truth

92 fans
Country: USA
Label: Relapse Records

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Formed in: 1990
Split: 1998-2006
Disbanded in: 2014

1990-2014 Grindcore
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1990-2014  Dan Lilker - bass
1990-2014  Kevin Sharp - vocals
1992-2014  Richard "Rich" Hoak - drums
2013-2014  Dan O'Hare - guitars
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1990-1992  Scott Lewis - drums
1990-1998  Brent McCarty - guitars
2006-2007  Jody Roberts - guitars
2008-2013  Erik Burke - guitars
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1994  Michael "Mike" Williams - vocals
1996  Mark "Barney" Greenway - vocals
1997  Yoshitomo Suzuki - vocals


Latest reviews

Seriously guys, what the fuck? I'm disappointed with all of you. I expected war, madness, massive cases of whiplash and tinnitus or at least a decent riot in my backyard when hell broke lose a while ago. I thought it was going to be big news but...   Review by X-Ray Rod ››
The problem with writing about an album as excellent as Brutal Truth's Evolution Through Revolution, the band's first LP after a 12 year hiatus, is that it is really boring to just blow sunshine up a band's ass for three full paragraphs....   Review by jupitreas ››

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