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Country: France
Label: Agonia Records

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Formed in: 2002

2002- Black metal


2002-  MkM - vocals
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2002-2005  Thorgon - drums
2005  Sagoth - bass
2005-2007  Set - guitars
2006-2017  BST - guitars
2009  Blastum - drums
2010-2017  INRVI - bass
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2017  Saroth - guitars
2008-2009  Jens Cautereels - bass
2008-2009  Stefan H. - drums
2008-2009  INRVI - guitar
2011-  Saroth - guitars
2009  Arkdaemon - vocals
2011  Chloé Ober - interludes

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When it comes to making metal that conjures feelings of being perched on a cliff, gesticulating to control storms and Dothraki hordes and the like, titty-glittered Herman Li-like melodiousness is, mercifully, not the only kind of thing that can be made...   Review by wormdrink414 ››
MkM of Antaeus fame and BST with INRVI from the underground pits of hell (VI) strike back with the third psalm of Aosoth's Dysangelium with a simplistic yet to the point title, III. The cover artwork is in the same vein, minimal and to the point,...   Review by KwonVerge ››

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