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Country: Venezuela
Label: ProgRock Records
Links: Myspace

Formed in: 2004

2004- Progressive metal


2004-  Javier Landaeta - guitars
2004-  Jorge Rojas - bass
2004-  Miguel Angel Moline - drums
2004-  Alfredo Ovalles - keyboards, percussion, guitars
2004-  Rafael Sequera [ MS user ] - guitars
2004-  Antonio Silva (I) - guitars
2010-  Dave Dufuss - saxophone
2010-  Carl Webb - vocals
2010-  Nick Storr - vocals
2010-  Tobias Jansson - vocals
2010-  Pedro Castillo - vocals

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Be ready to be floored by their musicianship. Be ready to be mesmerized by their song-writing. They might reshape your understanding of music as you know it. They are Echoes, an unabashed progressive band from Venezuela. That's right. Venezuela....   Review by Dream Taster ››


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