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Sun Of The Sleepless

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Country: Germany
Label: Prophecy Productions

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Formed in: 1999

1999- Ambient
1999- Black metal
1999- Doom metal


1999-  Ulf Theodor Schwadorf - all instruments, vocals

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Sun Of The Sleepless is the one-man band of Ulf Theodor Schwadorf (real name: Markus Stock), best known from Empyrium and The Vision Bleak. Even though the project was formed almost 20 years back, only a couple of EPs and a split with Nachtmar were released in the early days, making To The Elements the band's debut full-length and the first piece of new music after no fewer than 13 years. Its creator described it as "a fist in the face of a shallow world!" and indeed it is. It was also more than worth the wait.   Review by nikarg ››