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1992-  Smattro Ansjovis - drums, vocals
2007-  Panda Flamenco - bass, vocals
2011-  Count Crocodelis - guitars, vocals
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1992-2001  Mutanga - bass
1992-2011  Achmed Abdulex - guitars, vocals
2001-2007  Moshbastard, Barbro Havohej - bass, vocals
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2003  Mikael Castervall - guitars
2011  Billy Bob Banjovich - guitars
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2002  Mr. Jones - backing vocals
2019  Niklas Larson - vocals
2019  Martin "Wilbur" Schönherr - vocals
2019  Johan "Babe" Bergström - vocals
2023  Matt Harvey - additional vocals


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"Since misery has been our partner in crime through all the years, we finally found a suiting title". This is what Birdflesh had to say to promote their latest EP, All The Miseries.
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Birdflesh may be old in body, but not so in mind. They may seem a little death metal, but they're mostly pure grind.
Review by Troy Killjoy ››

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