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2006-  Astrous - vocals
2007-2008  Achilleas C. - guitars
› 2009-2020  -//-
› 2020-  -//- guitars, bass
2015-  Orestis Zyrinis - saxophone
2020-  Haris Kokkinos - drums
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2005-2009  Draugen - guitars
2005-2015  Thyragon - bass
2006-2009  Vanghmar - drums
2008-2012  Dagwn - guitars
2012-2016  Anax - guitars
2012-2018  Nycriz - drums
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2014  Mirai Kawashima - vocals
2014  Orestis Zyrinis - saxophone
2014  Haris - synthesizer
2014  Sindre Nedland - vocals
2021-2022  Achernar - vocals


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We all know music evolves; it's inevitable that, as is the case with any form of extreme metal, when you look back through the years you will notice a significant change in what we metalheads call black metal. Some bands take that experimentation to a whole new level of boldness and obscurity, which is where we find Aenaon.
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Many bands coming from Greece whenever they chose a more aggressive sound pathway in the metal scene their most apparent references used to rise from Rotting Christ and Septicflesh, at least in the past. Within the last few years some things seem to be...
Review by KwonVerge ››

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