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Country: USA
Label: Profound Lore Records

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Formed in: 2007

2007-Avantgarde black metal
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2007-  Colin James Marston - guitars
2007-  Mick Barr - guitars, vocals
2007-  Nicholas "Nick" McMaster - bass
2007-  Lev Weinstein - drums

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And just when I though Krallice was finally settling down, Psychagogue happened.
Review by RaduP ››
Black metal's trailblazing hyper-technical offspring comes out with its most grounded work on Crystalline Exhaustion.
Review by RaduP ››
Remaining at the head of the trail being blazed can be exhausting, but it can also invigorate the senses by providing inspiration for sources of new ideas.
Review by Troy Killjoy ››
2008 saw scene-renowned New York musicians Mick Barr and Colin Marston form Krallice as a vehicle to explore the black metal aesthetic through their lens. Despite "Hipster!" cries from self-appointed tr00 police, their self-titled initial release...
Review by BitterCOld ››

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