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2011-  Magali Luyten - vocals
2011-  Liselotte Hegt - vocals
2011-  Léo Margarit - drums
2011-  Samuel Arkan - guitar
2011-  Julien Spreutels - keyboards
2011-  Rick Altzi - vocals
2011-  Kelly Carpenter - vocals
2013-  Simone Mularoni - guitars
2011  Oddleif Stensland - vocals
2011  Christophe "Chris" Godin - guitar
2011  Kristoffer Gildenlöw - bass
2013  Mike LePond - bass
2013  Henning Basse - vocals
2013  Ida Haukland - vocals
2013  Matt Marinelli - vocals
2013  Tom Englund - vocals
2013  Terese "Tezzi" Persson - vocals

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What do you do when you enjoy and want to promote an album that you know is flawed? Let me just start by saying "I really like it." So even when I describe why I think it was swallowed up by the competition, know that I found its positives to...   Review by Susan ››


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