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Léo Margarit


2005-2008 Zubrowska - drums  
2007- Pain Of Salvation - drums, mandolin, vocals  
2011- For All We Know - drums  
2011- Epysode - drums  
2015- All Things Fallen - drums  

Studio musician

2005- Wardanz - drums  

Personal information

Born on: 01.11.1981

Born in 1981 in a musician family in the south of France, Léo Margarit started playing drums at the age of 3 and entered the local music school when he was 6. He moved to Montpellier at 14 to study at the National Conservatory of the Region where he obtained degrees in classical percussion, ear training and music chamber. In the meantime he played concerts with the Montpellier National Philharmonic Orchestra in France and in Europe. Later he joined the French extreme metal band Zubrowska with whom he played at European festivals in 2007. Léo Margarit was named as the new drummer of Pain of Salvation, a Swedish based progressive rock/metal band in late 2007. He now lives in Eskilstuna (Sweden) and works with the band on their upcoming record.