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Old Man Gloom


1999-  Nate Newton - guitars, vocals
1999-  Santos Montaño - drums
1999-  Aaron Turner - guitars, vocals
2018-  Stephen "Steve" Brodsky - bass, vocals
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1999-2018  Caleb Scofield - bass, vocals
2001-2004  Luke Scarola - electronics
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2001  James "Jay" Randall - electronics
› 2003  -//- vocals
2012  Mike McKenzie - guitars
› 2020  -//-
2012  Kurt Parker Ballou - guitars
2012  Kevin Baker - vocals
2020  Faith Coloccia - vocals, organ
2020  Paul S. Riedl - guitar solo

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After the surprise dessert-cum-surprise starter that was Seminar IX: Darkness Of Being, we finally get to taste the main course, Seminar VIII: Light Of Meaning.
Review by musclassia ››
It feels weird listening to and writing about Seminar IX when Seminar VIII isn't available to listen to, particularly since the existence of Seminar IX wasn't public knowledge until today. However, confusing album releases aren't anything new to Old Man Gloom.
Review by musclassia ››

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