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Also known as Earth Shaker (1996-97)

Country: Italy
Label: Sensory Records

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Formed in: 1996

1996-1997 Heavy metal
1997- Progressive metal
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1996-  Diego Cafolla - guitar, backing vocals
1996-  Manuel Thundra Cafolla - drums, percussion
2001-  Ivan Nastasi - guitar, backing vocals
2007-  Cristian Della Polla - keyboards, synths
2009-  Diego Marchesi - vocals
2017-  Riccardo Nifosì - bass
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1996-2001  Claudio Polito - bass
1997  Emanuele Marchione - guitar
1997  Massimiliano Fabrizi - guitar
1997  Sergio Casadei - vocals
1997-1999  Marco Piscitelli - guitar
1997-2002  Stefano Tissi - vocals
2001-2004  Matteo Trinei - bass
2002-2009  Mauro Gelsomini - vocals
2004-2006  Giulio Caputi - bass
2007-2008  Angelo Orlando - bass
2009-2017  Francesco D'Errico - bass
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Will you look at that album cover? Now that this got your attention, you can still be blown away by their music. Indeed, let's get right to it, the Italian prog musicians of Kingcrow are back with Eidos, and it is a gem of an album. In case you never...   Review by Dream Taster ››
A couple of years ago Kingcrow really surprised me with their excellent prog album Phlegeton. Not only was that album great by my prog standards, it turns out many of you thought likewise as it did fairly well in the Metal Storm Awards that year. That's already something. So, naturally, I was really excited when I found out that these progressive Italians were cooking up new stuff. Italians cooking... Hmm... Ought to be delicious, don't you think?   Review by Ivor ››

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