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Decline Of The I


2012-  A.K. - guitars, keyboards, programming, vocals
2012-  Ludovic - drums
2012-  Georges Balafas - vocals
2012-  "Sohr-Khasm" "Andralath Svartsinn" - vocals
2015  Olivier Déhenne - vocals
2015  Vestal - vocals

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I spent a lot of time pondering the intricacies of post-black metal in my review of Kevel's Mutatis Mutandis last year. Of the three possible definitions I put forward then, Decline Of The I's Johannes falls squarely into the third category, and what a great and unique fusion of post-metal and black metal it is.
Review by musclassia ››
As someone who has had to bushwhack through Jean Baudrillard and Herbert Marcuse for various undergraduate classes, it takes a special kind of babbling, incoherent pretentiousness to make me really rub my eyes and scratch my head in bewilderment?the kind...
Review by wormdrink414 ››

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